During the 2020 pandemic, a man records a video for the grieving parents of his ex-girlfriend.

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, Shot and Performed by Samy Osman.

Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 2020

Runtime: 3 minutes.

E-Ulogy - About The Film

A series of events came together, which prompted me to make this film.

An obvious factor in writing this is that we were in the middle of a pandemic; specifically the Spring of 2020. Many people were going through a difficult time and self-isolation was at the forefront in order to protect each other from the virus. 

Unfortunately, mental health took a backseat. I had recently talked a friend through a painful time. I would hear or read about people having “virtual” funerals. Finally, there was a film festival that encouraged people to create something exclusively shot at home, with whoever you were isolated with (if anyone). 

Finally, I had just watched an acting video and wanted to know if I remembered this monologue I had performed awhile back. Instead, inspiration quickly hit me, and before I knew it, I was writing my own. I wrote this as I performed it, finding new things, and making adjustment as I went on. After finally putting it down to paper, I took an afternoon and shot the film with my camcorder and cellphone running at the same time.

Living alone, I was limited in what I could do and within those limitations, I set out to create something simple. I accepted that production value wasn’t going to be anywhere near my previous film Overcover and focused on storytelling and performance.