Acting Work

Here you can watch some of my work as an actor, check out my headshots and download a pdf version of my resume

You can also catch me playing leading roles in my own projects on the My Films page and you can go over my film/TV credits on IMDb

If you're hungry for more, see me perform in other projects on my YouTube channel.

Actor Demo Reel

Watch a small sample of my work as an actor. I'm looking to update this soon enough when I'm able to get more footage of previously unreleased work!


by Ray Savaya

A couple questions their identity after having their firstborn child. 

I play Samir, the leading man, in this award winning short film.

Runtime: 6 minutes 18 seconds.


by John Bregar

by John Bregar

by John Bregar

by Shalan & Paul

by Marco Grazzini

by Jerald Bezener

by John Bregar