Who am I? Who is Samy Osman? Is that even my real name?

Are we really this identity, this body? We're given a name, we're given and we give ourselves titles, usually based on the work we do, we associate ourselves with all of it and more...but it's all temporary. So, who are we really? Who are before and after the birth and death of these bodies?

With that said, aren't we just playing the role of a human? So then, as an actor (there's one of those titles I was talking about), aren't we playing the role of a human playing the role of other humans? 

Anyway, I'm sure that's not what you came here to read. So I'll play the game for the sake of sharing some information about this temporary self!

I grew up in Canada's National Capital Region with parents from two different ethnic, cultural and religious background, speaking English as a second language to each other. As a result, outside of English, I speak fluent French, intermediate Arabic and even some basic Spanish. 

Initially I studied Computer Science, and after graduating, continue to work as a programmer for the company that hired me during my studies. However, one day as I sat there at my desk, having made it so to speak, I felt something was missing. I listened to that inner voice and it told me to get into acting (this is figurative mind you). It wasn't the easiest decision, leaving a promising career in software development. I'm sure sometimes my parents would have preferred if I hadn't left. However, it led me to such a diversity of experiences and growth, that I'm thankful to have listened to that voice.

Outside of acting and creating my own projects as a filmmaker, I've studied martial arts for well over a decade, with most of those years spent under the guidance of legendary Hapkido Grandmaster Hwang In-Shik. I've learned and grown so much from my time with him. If you're a big Jackie Chan fan and seen his older films, you may have noticed my teacher as the main villain in a couple of them. He has also even appeared in a film with his friend, the late Bruce Lee. I would never have had this experience, if it wasn't for moving to Toronto to peruse acting.

No doubt, I have the obvious love of film; they are what lead me here. I grew up watching a lot of films made before I was even born, some starring the martial arts legends mentioned above, old black and white Egyptian movies/recorded plays, and, of course, North American film and TV. As I got older and started making my own movie watching choices, I would also seek out international films. Action and comedies were the staple in my childhood household, but I've since diversified into all genres and have grown to love a wide variety of movies and shows.

It's no wonder that when I create my own projects, they are usually, albeit not always, comedic. Actually, I've also made a bunch of short sketches. There's even a character I developed, who exists online through videos I've created, under that character's name. It isn't publicly stated that I'm playing him (as of writing this).

Still reading? Well as you saw from the beginning of this section, unless you've been skimming through, that I like to contemplate life. I'm very open to learning about people's philosophical and spiritual notions. I've found a regular meditative practice to be so important and helpful in navigating life, which can be difficult at times for all of us. I feel more content, gain insights into myself and life and have less attachment to worldly results. The more I deepen my practice, the more I see all life in an increasingly interconnected way.

Oh right, you're here about of the acting thing! Well then, let's end it with something a bit more formal. Oh and is Samy Osman my real name? Yes, but with a caveat. Hey, I gotta retain some sense of mystery!

Samy Osman is a Toronto based actor and filmmaker, with many interest in and outside the film/TV industry, including martial arts, stunt work, video games, books, spiritual and philosophical musings. He was born and raised in the National Capital Region in Canada and has a mixed ethnic background.

He has performed in shows such as Gen V, The Expanse, The Handmaid's Tale, with recurring roles on Sex/Life and Nikita.

He has also appeared in many independent films, more notably playing Samir, the leading man in Newborn, screening at Academy Awards and Canadian Screen Awards qualifying festivals, taking home multiple awards and winning CBC's 2018 Short Film Face Off in Canada.

Finally, he loves to bring his own ideas to life; he has created a handful of short films, including Overcover, a buddy-cop action-comedy, which has won multiple awards.