Check out this highlight of some of the commercial work I've done over the past years, ordered by newest to oldest. Some of my work has been broadcast over the air across the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe and more.

Lincolin - Our Corsair

Online Ad

Jenny Raven and I give an overview of the 2023 Lincoln Corsair in this long form web spot.

Length: 3 minutes 49 seconds.

Scotiabank - eHome / Chairs

TV Broadcast in Canada | Online Ad | Movie Theaters

You'll find me playing the leading man in couple in this Sociabank commercial that had found its way to TV Broadcast in Canada, as well as in theaters and online.*

Length: 30 seconds.

*No longer used.

Listerine - Half Job

TV Broadcast in USA, Canada, International | Online Ad

I play the half beard man in this Listerine commercial that had aired in the USA, Canada and many other countries around the world, as well as online.*

Length: 30 seconds.

*No longer used.

Tim Hortons - Gift of Coffee / Hi

TV Broadcast in Canada

Watch me play the romantic leading man in this highly well received and heartwarming holiday commercial that was broadcast in Canada.*

Length: 30 seconds.

*No longer used.