This page includes links to my resume in downloadable formats, my headshots, an embedded YouTube playlist of certain videos in which I appear in and to end, a fuller (albeit incomplete) list of acting work I’ve done, featuring links to some of that work. You can also check out my listing on IMDb.

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Film (IMDb)

Title Type Role
Samy Osman Overcover (completed) Short Elyas (Lead)
Scheme Films / Kevin Saychareun Kidnap (post-production) Short Tom (Lead)
Phinex Pictures / Samy Osman Pogonophilia (completed) Short Samy (Lead)
Scenic Route Productions / Jonathan Gajewski Gone But Not Forgotten (post-production) Short Deviant (Supporting Lead)
Perfect Kiss Productions / Martina Adamcova The Perfect Kiss (post-production) Feature Dr. Steve Press (Supporting Lead)
Humber Productions / Alex Swift M.O.O.N. Rising (completed) Short Dean Neilson (Lead)
RS Productions / Ray Savaya Newborn (completed) Short Samir (Lead)
Reel One Entertainment / Curtis Crawford The Perfect Stalker (completed) Feature Nathan Simmons (Supporting)
Medora Films / Ian Macmillan Shavasana (completed) Short John (Supporting)
Crimson Films / Simu Liu Crimson Defender (completed) Short Heatstrike (Stunt actor)
Meathouse Productions / Conor O’Brien In the Meathouse (post-production) Short Johnny (Stunt actor)
Geordie Sabbagh Productions & Dark Hope Entertainment / Tricia Lee Clean Break (completed) Feature Cam Dawson (Lead)
Parktown Productions & Danger Cave Media / Kyle Connolly & Nick Lacelle Day Four (post-production) Feature Brian (Supporting lead)
Samy Osman Friendship Upgrade (completed) Short David (Lead)
Chesler/Perlmutter Productions / Mario Azzopardi Aladdin and the Death Lamp (completed) Feature Aladdin’s Father (Featured)
Samy Osman Forsaken (completed) Short Man (Lead)
Yellow Jacket Productions / Andrea Samuels Making Sense (completed) Short Luke (Supporting lead)
Sharp Picture / Nawid Oroksai Under the Influence (shelved) Short Mike (Lead)
Parktown Productions / Adrian Langley & Kyle Connolly 2@2 *1 (completed) Short Man (Lead)
Jeff Wood The Comet (shelved) Short Sean (Lead)
RAMM Entertainment / Michel Massicotte 6 for 7 (completed) Feature Jalen (Lead)
Paul Crivellari Nothing Left To Say (completed) Short Adam (Lead)
Ghettorade Entertainment / Pascal Aka Without You (completed) Short Rich Young Man (Lead)
Rojan Films / Jamal Hashemi Peace For Middle East (completed) Short Omar (Supporting)
Seventh Sense Studios / Alex Massaad Autopilot Off (completed) Short Darren (Lead)
Mist Valley Productions / Raied Ghanam The Loyal Lucifers (shelved) Short Ammar (Lead)
Plasma Films / Graham Murray Bollywood North (completed) Short Thug (Supporting Lead)
Ghettorade Entertainment / Pascal Aka Jamie And Eddie: Souls Of Strife *2 (completed) Feature Spookie (Supporting)
Ian McEachern Drinks (completed) Short John (Lead)
Different Thinking Pictures /Amir Masud Breathe (completed) Short Peter (Featured)
Fluke Films / Adrian Langley Slasher Film (completed) Short Script Supervisor (Supporting)
Louis-Philippe Baraby If Dates Could Kill (completed) Short Brad (Supporting)
RAMM Entertainment / Michell Massicotte Silent Touch (completed) Short Man In Couple (Featured)

*1 2007 Grand Prize Winner – Calvin Klein’s IN2U International Short Film Contest
*2 2009 Winner of Best Action Sequence (Feature) – AOF International Film Festival


Title Type Role
MGM Television / Amma Asante The Handmaid’s Tale Series Eye (Principal)
Fearless / Matkai Burmaster So That Happened Webseries Mailman (6ep. Recurring)
LaRue Entertainment / Brooks Gray & Morgan Waters The Amazing Gayl Pile – The A Bar Webseries Skent (Supporting)
Entertainment One / James Genn Saving Hope – Sympathy for the Devil Series Sam (Featured)
Cineflix / Tim Wolochatiuk Mayday – Third Time Unlucky Docudrama Captain Jordi Sola Lopez (Lead)
Warner Bros. Television / Various Nikita – Season 3 Series Sammy (5ep. Recurring)
Cineflix / PJ Naworynski Cold Blood (aka True Crime Scene) – Shot in the Dark Docudrama Shane Ragland (Lead)
Lamport-Sheppard Entertainment / David Weaver Curious and Unusual Deaths – Trapped in Death Docudrama Fireman (Featured)
Cineflix / James Hyslop Mayday – Who’s in Control? Docudrama Safety Pilot Olgay Ozgur (Actor)
Kujuwa Studio / David Kujuwa Knockouts: Powerful Women in Extreme Sports Show Pilot Self (Host)
Rise Video / Kevin McMillan Lost and Found in Beijing Series Pilot Samy (Series Lead)
Frantic Films / James Hyslop Assault and RescueOperation Thunderball Docudrama Amnon Pelled (Featured)
Pink Sky & Avamar Entertainment / Erik Canuel Flashpoint – The Other Lane Series Mike (Featured)
Exploration Production / Laurie Lynd F2: Forensic Factor – Picture Perfect Docudrama George Patisso (Lead)
RedFish Entertianment / Jim Learoyd ManUp Canada Show Self (Contestant)
Rise Video / Kevin McMillan FX Challenge Pilot Weapons Enthusiast (Guest)


Music Video

Title Artist Role
Andre Rehal Shake It Off (completed) Rezonate Lead male
Scott Cudmore Great Whales of the Sea (shelved) Matthew Good Man on bed
Ante Kovac Drain the Blood (completed) The Rural Alberta Advantage Lead male
Ben Walker Hollywood Horror Show (completed) No Other Way Show Host