Production / Pogonophilia

So tell me, have you ever really… Really, really ever loved a beard?

Pogonophilia - a short by Samy Osman
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Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Samy Osman

Samy played by Samy Osman
Jay played by Jsin Sasha

Shot by Jsin Sasha and Samy Osman

Music provided by
Special thanks to Stephen Caldwell

Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 2018

About Pogonophilia

This is another film where the idea came to me relatively quickly and inspired by the fact that I had to shave off this pretty significant beard for work! This has happened before, has happened again, and it’s just part of the nature of the job. When you grow a beard you can sometimes sort of get attached to it, in a strange way, and not really want to shave it. I wanted to push that idea to a ridiculous place, but still anchored in reality through the performance.

This short comedy was shot with a minimal crew of two, my friend and I, while we also played the actors in the project. Had a lot of fun coming up with the film and shooting it! The title came after the film was shot, as I searched online to see if such a word existed (and lucky for me it did) while the tagline is inspired by lyrics from the Brian Adams song Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?