Production / Friendship Upgrade

With the advice of her friend Ally, Lisa attempts to “upgrade” her friendship with David.

Friendship Upgrade - a film by Samy Osman
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Samy Osman (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, plays David)

Rachelle Wilde (plays Lisa)

Tianna Nori (plays Ally)

Jerald Bezener (Director of Photography, Camera Operator)

Reid Goobie (Sound Recordist, Boom Operator)

Thomas Sniedzins (Stand-in, Clapper)

Jakub Roman (Clapper)

Kina Grannis (featured her music and video of “In Your Arms”)
Official “In Your Arms” video made with 288,000 jelly beans
“In Your Arms” iTunes download
Must see behind the scenes video of “In Your Arms”

Shaw Hedayati (Score and Additional Music)
his photo by David Kujawa (

Alex Boothby (lent us his lights)
Promo for his film Mr. Viral

Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – January 2012

About Friendship Upgrade

This is my third project as a filmmaker. The idea came to me in a span of about two days, and I quickly wrote a draft which I worked on for a short while. I then started contacting friends about the project and slowly built a team to do it. I actually wanted to get this done in December before the end of 2011, but not everyone was available. The amazing thing about this is everyone volunteered their time! Awesome and talented people who normally wouldn’t work for free, did this for me, and for that I’m very grateful to them.

It was shot over a weekend and took two days (about 20 hours combined), but editing took many times that. I’m not by any means an expert at editing, and I keep wanting to change things. Even now there are things I want to tweak, or wished I had written differently, or shot differently, but nothing can be perfect and you learn from each experience and bring that into the next project! Overall though, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it’s by far the hardest I’ve worked on one of my own projects, and easily the most amount of hours (at least 120, definitely more) that I’ve put into one in a short amount of time, most of those in the span of under 10 days.

Huge thanks to everyone involved!

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Photos from Friendship Upgrade