Production / Forsaken

After weeks of looking like he hasn’t seen the light of day, this man decides to do something about it.

Forsaken - a film by Samy Osman
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Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Samy Osman

Cinematographer Paul Crivellari
Grip Shalan Crivellari

Music All Together by Matthew Good

Man: Samy Osman
Woman: Tamara Katavic

Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – January 2010

About Forsaken

This film is my first and second production (the first being a commercial/Internet video for a contest). I had grown a beard for a feature film that was being shot in Ottawa during the Christmas/New Year holidays of 2009-2010. Coming back to Toronto, a week went by before I started getting work again, and my beard had grown even longer. At the news of having booked a job shooting in less than 3 days, I felt like this beard was going to waste as I had to be clean shaven for the shoot.

So in a very short amount of time, I came up with a short film idea, planned out the shoot, made a quick picture storyboard, created a shot list, found someone to shoot it, got permission to use some of the pictures and video footage found in the film and made it all happen. Under a week later I had a rough edit, and within around two months, a final product.

I actually shave my beard in the film, and made it into something symbolic. Not only that, but I decided to do something that no one would expect from me. Being a very happy and positive person, this film is something very different than what I’ve done in the past in terms of acting. Also, my first production (the contest video) was something much lighter…being silly and funny (at least to some people)! This short film is more of a sad and depressing nature and may actually be hard to watch for some.

No picture editing has been done to the footage. It’s raw, straight from the camera, with no color correction or any other visual adjustments of any kind (except for the small video during the credits).

Check out the blog entry of when the film was shot and the blog entry of its release.

Photos from Forsaken