Production / Snack Guru

Not one to be easily impressed, what will the Snack Guru think of the new Doritos®?

Snack Guru - by Samy Osman
Watch: YouTube (30 seconds) | YouTube (60 seconds)

Written and Directed by Samy Osman
Produced by Samy Osman and André Givogue
Shot by Samy Osman and Jith Paul
Sound recorded by Jith Paul and Tess Spentzos
Edited by Samy Osman
Production Assistant Chris Stanton

Music Fefe Dobson – I Want You*
Music Anjulie – Boom^

Snack Guru: Simon Seline
Reporter: Tess Spentzos*
Guru’s Assistant: Anne Vongviset
Doritos Team: Katrina Hadden*, Chris Stanton* and Samy Osman*
Event Attendees: Alice Buwembo, Alice Joaquim, André Givogue, Christie Cameron, Corey Tomicic, Kaley Keeling, Karim Osman, Mike Desjardins, Robert Du Broy, Silas Mukano, Tasha Robitaille
Voiceover: Samy Osman^

* 60 seconds Fiery Pepper version only.
^ 30 seconds Intense version only.

Shot at the Aylmer Youth Center in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada – March 2009

About Snack Guru

This is my very first time behind the camera, where I wore many hats in creating this Doritos contest video back in March 2009. Started with an idea, which I wrote a treatment and character descriptions for, put together a storyboard and shot list, casted, directed, shot and edited. I actually only play a “cameo” in the 60 seconds version. Despite having a hand in everything for this video, especially since it was my first production, I couldn’t of done it without the help of everyone involved.

There are two versions. The first was for Doritos’ Guru contest, which I entered my original 30 seconds version video. The flavor name I chose for that one was “Intense”. Then, about a year later in February 2010, I did a re-edit of my video, finally having the time needed to “tell the story”. This year, they allowed 60 seconds as it was about creating a viral video, not a TV commercial. They also had a bigger cash prize in their “Viralocity” contest. I called that one “Fiery Pepper”.

I was really happy to have done these as I finally did something I wanted to do since I started acting…being behind the camera! Don’t get me wrong, I love both being in front and behind the camera, but haven’t had the chance to do the latter! Read the original blog postings here: Doritos Intense (30s/March 2009) and Doritos Fiery Pepper (60s/February 2010).

DORITOS is a trademark used under license by Frito Lay Canada © Frito-Lay North America, Inc. 2010.