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Nikita: Season 3, Episode 6
My role: Sammy (Recurring)

In this scene, Sammy, a tech in Nikita's Division asks Sonya about rumors concerning a mole. This episode, titled "Sideswipe", first aired on December 7th, 2012.

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Haven’t written in a while but can you blame me? We’re having such a great summer this year that I kept delaying writing a new entry! Been having auditions here and there, trying to plan a few of my own projects and had a few photoshoots.

Samy, shot by David WildeActually, just last weekend, I had a photoshoot with David Wile. I had done a few creatives and editorials with him in the past, and since I needed some new shots, he was happy to set up a shoot with me. I added a few of those in the picture section and one in this post. It was the 4th time working with him and it went great as usual!

Just over a week ago, I worked with Robert Goshgarian on a 4th Harlequin book cover! This one is going to be called “Caught Off Guard”, written by Kira Sinclair. It will feature me in a tux (with or without jacket) with a young lady on balcony during a snowy night. The shoot went great, everyone was easy to work with and they even asked me to stay for lunch. We had some great Indian food!

What’s coming up? Well I’ve booked a TV Commercial and a Print Ad! Both of these will be shooting next week. What I’ll say for now is that the print job is for a very well known Canadian company! As for the TV ad, you’ll have to wait for next week for that one!

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Just a week ago, I was a few hours away from going to the train station when I got a call from my talent agent. I was being offered a role on a movie of the week called The Last Jinn. Luckily I hadn’t packed the night before… I then rescheduled my trip home, accepted the role and went to buy some food since I hadn’t planned on staying in Toronto!

Before the day ended, I got the pages of the script with my scenes and everything I needed to know. So the next day, coincidentally I took public transportation and waited right in front of the train station. It was the pickup point to get driven to set located at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. However, the ride never came so one of the guys waiting with me got his car and drove us there.

Samy and Noah Danby on set of The Last JinnOnce on set and things started moving. My biggest scene consisted of a flashback to the fathers of the main characters, fighting the evil Jinn monsters that surrounded us. So basically I was shot swinging my sword in the air like a madman, pretending to fight something that wasn’t there. Of course, they will be adding the Jinns via CGI… Regardless, it was so much fun! They had really strong (and loud) wind machines going, which helped us feel the intensity of the scene. I also had a few lines in the midst of the battle, using a lamp to do some “wishing”… but you’ll have to see the movie to find out what they were! Also, it was actually one of the producers who ended up directing the scene and I thought he did a great job!

The interesting thing is that back when they casted for this, a fellow Hapkido (martial art) student, Noah Danby, told me about it. He eventually ended up with a role and they shot the movie. But something was missing… So they wrote in a new scene, planned a few re-shoots and scheduled it all in a day. And that’s how I got in! Apparently this will open the film, or at least be towards the beginning. Also, Noah ended up being on set that day. Although we didn’t have a scene together, it was cool to hang out with someone I knew from outside of the film/tv world. All in all, it was an awesome day working with really great people!

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Just over a week ago, I was wrapped for my role of Amnon Pelled, a character in the new docudrama TV series “Assault and Rescue: POV” with the episode being called “Operation Thunderball”. Being a docudrama, the story is based on real events: the planing and execution of a hostage rescue operation which you can read more about here.

Samy as Amnon Pelled on Operation Thunderball, the first episode of Assault and Rescue: POVThis was such a blast to shoot (literally, as there were gun shots and explosions)! With this kind of show, you might except some reenactments, interviews from people involved and a narrator talking throughout, right? Absolutely, but the reenactments to all be from the point of view of the characters? So that when you’re watching, you feel part of the action? Even better, is watching the action sequences; imagine a rifle being fired from a first person perspective!

In one of my scenes, I take down two terrorists with quick and accurate shots, then a third shortly after. I was using a real AK-47 (with blank bullets of course) and loved it so much that right after we finished I wished for more action roles involving guns! Not to mention being thankful for being given this role…which I forgot to mention I didn’t even audition for! My agent called to see if I was available to shoot nights on three days, and shortly after, I received call from production confirming my involvement.

This goes to show you, that a previous audition for something completely unrelated can bring about work in the future. The casting director probably remembered me from another casting session and decided I was great for the part…especially in a docudramas where they really like to match the look of the actors to the real people that they’re supposed to be playing.

All in all, a great few nights on set (starting in the late afternoon finishing as the sun was rising) working with a great cast and crew, for a very interesting show with an awesome first episode! Will keep you updated on the future of the pilot episode as I find out about it. I believe it may be picked up by Discovery Channel (and possibly History Television)!

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It’s the nature of the business. You do something, but usually only get to see and share it months later! Well now’s the time to show you a few things…

Samy on the cover of Bachelor's Bought BrideFirst of all, the cover of a new Harlequin book. This one is called Bachelor’s Bought Bride, and is written by Jennifer Lewis. Wearing a spiffy suit, a woman in my arms and overlooking the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, I must say it’s my favorite cover so far. Okay, well I’ve only done one before that. I do have a third coming up which is gonna be pretty cool too (hint: I’ll be holding twin babies)! Going back to this one, you can click on the picture to see a larger version of it AND if you’re into these books, check it out and potentially buy it here!

Next is a picture for Timberland. I believe that this will only be used in catalogs, in store, etc. so unless you own a business that orders from Timberland, you might only be able to see it here!

Samy cleaning a truck wearing Timberland shoes

Last but certainly not least…actually maybe in this case it’s actually the best for last! Remember the feature film that was shot in Ottawa, where I play the supporting lead character Brian? Well a teaser trailer has been put together for it. Check out the “Day Four” trailer here!

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In mid March, I mentioned an Internet video I did for Dentyne. Well, their website has been redone, released and features the video! But of course, for your convenience, I have it right here:

Enjoyed it? Check out the other four videos featuring different couples at Dentyne.ca! Got a pack of their gum and a webcam? You can try an interactive feature where you can…uhh let’s just say “interact”…with any of the 5 guys or 5 girls! I haven’t tried this one myself yet, but as soon as I get a pack I will!

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I’ve recently released my first short film: Forsaken. This is the one I talked about back in mid/late January, when I had first shot it. Well it’s now complete, and I’m ready to share it with you! This film shows a side of me you are definitely not used to seeing, and may actually be hard to watch. You’ve been warned!

I’ve already received positive feedback from friends and family who’ve I showed this to prior releasing it. In addition, I posted on a private forum where people have also given me great feedback. I’m really happy that I’ve finally shot a short film, and it’s something I’d love to do again in the future. Again, this was something very different for me, kind of a way to show that despite being a very happy and positive person, I feel I can play the complete opposite. You be the judge!

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Samy as "Mike" on set of FlashpointThings have been going good for me recently…the highlight would have to be being cast in an episode of Flashpoint! That’s right, I played a “bad guy” named Mike, and got to be a part of some fun action sequences! Did I get to shoot a gun? Yep, a real one, but with blank bullets. The one featured in the picture on the left isn’t the one used, that one is fake. You’re gonna have to watch the episode to see the real one!

It was one of the biggest sets I’ve been on so far, in terms of sheer amount of people and organization involved. So much happens behind the scenes of a day (out of usually seven) of shooting an episode for this show. It was great being a part of it (I had three days on set: March 5th, 8th and 9th).

Directing the episode (named “The Other Lane”) was a funny and passionate Erik Canuel. As a part of the arms dealers, I played alongside Ian Tracey, Colin Cunningham, Stefano DiMatteo and Jeff Parazzo. As for interacting with the good guys (the “SRU” team as they’re known in the show), I ended up having a confrontation with Amy Jo Johnson and David Paetkau (not in real life, but in the episode of course)!

Everyone was a pleasure to hang out and work with. We had some long days and nights, but in the end I was doing something that I really enjoyed. Since I had a small part, I mostly had free time on set, so I caught up on some reading, etc. It was kind of like waiting for a awesome roller-coaster ride… In the end, when you get your time in front of the camera, it was all worth it. Actually…okay I had more on set time than it may seem, but the analogy still stands. I had a blast! Speaking of, check out these videos of Colin performing some cool magic tricks with forks!

Although exciting, those awesome three days weren’t all that I’ve done since the last time I wrote an update. I had an amazing time shooting an internet video (coming soon) for Dentyne, had a role in a film like training video, played a part in other corporate videos and events, had a few voice-over jobs, and landed some print work! As I had mentioned before, the last few weeks have been good!

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The Snack Guru is back, in a new 60 seconds edit for the new Doritos Viralocity contest! Check it out below:

First prize gets $100,000! BUT, if we collect enough points, Doritos will give $250,000! Want to help us get those points? I’d love that! Go to http://bit.ly/9xYXle and play it over there. Then, give it 5 stars, favorite it, and share it! Use the that link (http://bit.ly/9xYXle) to spread it around. Make this video viral… I mean that’s why it’s called Viralocity!

Have Facebook? Use the Facebook connect option and make sure you use the blue share button, right below the video on the left and have it post a link on your profile! Got Twitter? Use the green retweet button right next to it and it will write the tweet for you, complete with link to the video! Know people that live in a country other than Canada? Extra points when they watch this video!

Also notice how I’ve embedded the video on my page? This gets us extra points too! So if you got a website, feel free to do the same. You know what they say, the more, the merrier!

I appreciate the help and support to get us those points and bring our video to the top! So don’t hesitate to share share share! Email your family, friends, co-workers, rate it, favorite it, use Facebook and Twitter if you have accounts, embed the video on your website if you have one… and any other ways to help us win. Here’s a handy image to help. Thank you all!

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Early stills from my first short film, from the footage recorded by Paul Crivellari

Before this past Wednesday, I had only directed one thing: a commercial, thirty seconds long, which I called Doritos® Intense: Snack Guru. It my submission to a contest which had a very attractive cash prize and I had been wanting to direct something for a while (you can read more about it here). Well, that’s all changed; I now have a short film shot and ready for editing! Above are early stills from the footage, that may or may not make the final cut.

Monday evening, I got news of a job happening Thursday morning, which required me to be clean shaven. At this point, I had quite the beard. In the feature Day Four, I was asked to grow a unkept, untrimmed beard, not shaving any part of it off. Well I have to admit, I was a little attached, and kept it since I got back from shooting in Ottawa. It went on growing of course, and to my recollection, it ended up being the most hair I’ve ever had on my face.

I didn’t want to let it “go to waste”. I thought, what could I do, that would involve me shaving it off in a short film? Ideas came to me, and finally narrowed it down to one. With such little time, I quickly made all the preparations needed and found someone to shoot it. Paul and Shalan Crivellari came through. Although fashion photographers, Paul used to shoot video and later decided to get into still images. His great eye carried through to photography (and very well I might add, see for yourself) and they’re doing great here in Toronto. However, since his high end photography camera also takes HD video footage, he was able to do this for me.

Not only did I shave my beard off in the film, I used this opportunity to show a side of me that almost nobody has ever seen; a side that I haven’t really been required to show in my short four and half year acting career. Well, at least not close to the extent seen in this film. I’m really happy and grateful (thanks so much Paul and Shalan) to have had the chance to once again, experience the amazing feeling of creating my own work. And this will be ongoing as I will be editing it over my free time, and hopefully have original music composed (as I want this film to be silent in terms of sound). I will be releasing it here when it’s complete!

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Still from early footage of the opening pub scene of "Day Four"

Tuesday was my last day on set of “Day Four“. It involved shooting another scene in my car while we all, cast and crew, froze outside; which I have to say, helped deliver my first line of the scene in which I complain about the cold!

Despite the elements, it went great. And despite a few little hiccups here and there, shooting my part in this film has been a great experience. Not only, like I previously mentioned, that the script is great and this film is shot on a RED camera, but the cast and crew has been amazing. I had so much energy and so much fun on set because of the people I was surrounded with.

On the 7th of January, we shot two indoors scenes, which we were all thankful for. Both were in my character’s apartment and the day went pretty smoothly. Then on the 9th, we shot a lighter, funny scene where my character Brian and best friend Trevor have brunch. I won’t say how exactly, but it ends in a very comedic way.

On the 10th, the big pub scene. This is pretty much where the film starts… kinda (won’t go into details here either). It took us just over 14 hours from start to finish, but it was such a great day, with a lot of extras showing up and helping us out. Everyone did a great job and were all in high spirits on this one. Then the next day, I shot some voice overs for the opening sequence of the film.

Finally Tuesday came, and it was all over. The guys at Danger Cave Media were able to get my scenes shot early during the filming schedule in order to allow me to return to Toronto, but they still have another half month to go before they finish shooting the film. I wish them the best in completing the movie, and can’t wait to see it.

Did I mention they plan to have it completed by the Toronto International Film Festival 2010 deadline? I think they’ve got a good chance to get in with this film and hope they do! I’m really thankful to have been a part of this film, and to have shared amazing experiences with everyone involved!