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Nikita: Season 3, Episode 6
My role: Sammy (Recurring)

In this scene, Sammy, a tech in Nikita's Division asks Sonya about rumors concerning a mole. This episode, titled "Sideswipe", first aired on December 7th, 2012.

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It’s finally time! Tomorrow morning, we’re taking our first plane towards Beijing, China to shoot the rest of the two pilot episodes of the show “Lost in Beijing”! Check out a cropped still from a scene we’ve already covered… Although we could potentially be re-shooting it in China so it might not make the final cut.

Samy and Daniel in "Lost in Beijing"

I’m not sure what kind of access I will have to the Internet, and how much free time I will actually want to spend in front of a computer, being in a country that I’ve never visited before, but I will try to at write an update while I’m there. Regardless, be sure that I will write about the shoot when I get back!

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A few days ago I wrote about getting a role in a US/Canada National commercial… Well I ended up playing the father, who’s part of a family of four, in an Aquafresh ad. Actually, I think this is the furthest I’ve pushed my age range, having had teenage kids. This all happened on Friday…and I had a great time on set working the other cast and crew! Plus I got to play some foosball and ping-pong in between scenes! Below is a shot with my “wife” and I.

Tzetzy and Samy on set of the Aquafresh commercial

If I understood correctly, they will first air it in the US. Then, it will most likely make an appearance on Canadian television stations and finally, there’s a chance it goes worldwide! Personally, I’m hoping it makes it across the globe!

Also, they shot a ton of difference scenes. The ones involving me were the morning bathroom with the wife, at the office with a co-worker, at a photo-booth with the family and finally, lying outside on the grass, again with the wife and kids. I don’t know which scenes will make the final cut, and if they will be airing more than one version of their upcoming commercial… However, I was told come around mid September, it should air in the US (at least). I’ll try and get my hands on a copy and/or an online link to share here!

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What a awesome summer it’s been so far! Had great weather here in Toronto, great opportunities despite some slower than usual weeks…but don’t get me wrong, lots has happened since I last wrote! Here’s a short summary of what’s been going on in my career in the last couple of months.

In June, I did mostly corporate work, a bit of catalogue stuff AND a motorcycle course! That course ended with a test which I passed and now have an upgraded driver’s license to include motorcycles! Looking forward to using this new skill in some sort of acting work!

During the month of July, I had some great opportunities and came very close to getting a US/Canada national TV commercial. It’s okay though, because I had an audition for another big national, potentially worldwide commercial which I ended up getting! Will write about it once it’s been shot. I also just shot a corporate, short film style training video which went great. Got to work with a great team which I shot with about a year ago. Not to mention Jon Welch, an actor/friend who I’ve worked with a few times back when I lived in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, had some scenes with me as we played co-workers!

Finally, there are some more scenes to be shot for the TV Pilot “Lost in Beijing” starring myself and Daniel Lavigne, another fellow actor/friend from Ottawa. The exciting part is that we’ll be going to China to do it! More to come on all this, but for now…a couple of Harlequin books!

Samy on the cover of Marriage at the Cowboy's Command by Ann Major Samy on the cover of Marriage at the Cowboy's Command by Ann Major

Above are the covers for Protecting the Pregnant Witness by Julie Miller and Marriage at the Cowboy’s Command by Ann Major. Click them to see a larger image!

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Yeah, I know…it’s been a month since the last time I wrote anything. I didn’t even talk about my last two days on set of “Clean Break” either… Well, time to catch up!

The last few days were great, just like the rest of the time I had on set. The only exception is that it all came to an end. Had days from 12 to 15 hours, shorter if I was only be needed for part of a day, for two and a half weeks with weekends off. That’s a lot of time to spend with the same core group of people. So on our final day, we all said our goodbyes, or rather see you later, had kind of a group huddle where a few speeches were made and cake was served. I volunteered to cut the cake after the first stroke was made by the director and female lead actor.

It was bittersweet as a lot of us grew fond of working together, while we all felt like we accomplished something great. A few of us even gathered around a computer as we looked at a few stills… Let me tell you they looked amazing! Really look forward to seeing this edited and all put together. I really think it’ll turn out to be a great film, especially for an independent production.

Samy on the cover of Meddling with a Millionaire by Cat Schield

Since we finished, I had a bit of a break followed by a few of jobs here and there. Mostly corporate stuff…and today, you guessed it, another Harlequin book cover! The one you see here is actually something that was shot back in February. This is Meddling with a Millionaire by Cat Schield. It was my first time working with photographer Michael Alberstat and his team; went very smoothly!

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Samy and crew before a take of a scene in "Clean Break"

I can’t find the words to describe how I felt about the end of this week. I think it’s safe to say that on Friday, we shot the most intense scene of my acting career. I brought something I was never asked or expected to bring before and surprised myself, along with other cast/crew members. It was one emotionally charged scene which followed a lot of physical pain caused to my character; you could call it a physical and emotional breakdown. Honestly, the end of this film will probably be what makes it…how it all comes together. The way it was written, shot and directed is a gift. It’s a big part of why I was able to do what I did. That, and a great co-star to work along with. She brought it on every take and I can’t imagine anyone else having played that character.

For me to go into details I’d not only give away part of the film, I’d also end up writing pages. It’s one of those days where you wish you could share with everyone. You wish that they were there to experience it with you. But when I think about it, I did share it with a lot of people. Amazing cast and crew members who I’ve gotten to know and befriended over the past two weeks. I’m so grateful for having them involved.

As for the rest of the week, it was also great, but that last day just eclipses the whole week. Again, long days, not a lot of time to sleep in between…but the experience is well worth it. Being a part of this film and the people involved further validates my choice to change careers and start acting…all this happening about six years ago. The journey has been incredible, and look forward to future experiences without neglecting to enjoy the ride. It definitely isn’t for everyone, requires a lot of sacrifices and is something completely different than anything else, but as of now, I’m happy and thankful to be doing this.

I almost talk as if the film is over… Yes, the ending has been shot, but we still have a few key scenes to get through. In a way, I’m looking forward to the film being complete, but going from hanging out with all these people Monday to Friday, for hours and hours a day, to barely seeing any of them is a bit sad. Although of course I’ll be seeing and keeping in touch with a lot of people, it’s obviously not going to be the same, unless a lot of us end up on another set together. Been getting a lot of love from a lot of people on this one…

I’ve put up a few pictures of stills/behind the scenes shots from set which you can check out here.

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A week after my last update, I had an audition for a feature film called “The Roommate”. There were two scenes to read for, and one was quite intense. I was really looking forward to see how I’d do, never really been requested to do something at that level (at least not that I can remember). As I prepared and rehearsed it, I never went full out, wanting to save it for the actual audition. Well, let’s just say I came out of that audition really satisfied with what I did. I was so happy that it wasn’t about getting the role, but more about having done that audition. To me, I had already gotten something amazing out of it.

Well the next day, I got a call from one of the producers offering the lead male role! After a few calls, discussing all the details, I was officially on board. Right away we started by getting the principle actors, director, writer and producers together to do a read through of the script, making some small changes with everyone’s feedback. It was great having that flexibility in with the writer and director. After this meeting, we did a few rehearsals, meetings to further discuss the character and script, etc. The name was eventually changed to “Clean Break” and finally on the 18th of April, we started our first day of shooting.

Samy and Geordie on set of "Clean Break"

We’ve now completed our first week of filming and I have to say it’s been a great experience. Despite being an independent film set, everyone’s a pro! We got a full crew and they’re awesome, the cast all know what they’re doing; things are going really well. Whenever we run into speed bumps, we work together and smooth things out. We’re shooting a lot of pages per day, which means little room for many takes but also means working efficiently with everyone being on the ball and well prepared. The director is both focused and flexible, not to mention so easy to work and get along with, while the producers are on set everyday in their makeshift office; the team is outstanding.

Did I mention how much fun we’re having? Yes it’s work, yes we’re shooting full time (every weekday until completion, 12+ hour days), yes there isn’t always time for sleep, yes I still work off set to prepare for the next days and yes I love doing this! There’s something special about so many people working together, meeting those people and getting to know them a little better every day. All this to say I look forward to the next week!

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Let’s start with a video! I had posted about this two months ago; my role in a promo video for a new show. Well, the promo has been released, the show has premiered and started it’s first season. I’m not in the show (but you never know, maybe one day), however, you can catch me a few times in the video. Check it out, see how many times you can spot me!

How many times did you see me? Well, you can go straight to the YouTube video page‘s description and actually have clickable time references to every part. The most obvious one is when he starts saying “crime of passion, boyfriend…” at around 0:18 seconds. I think it’s the angriest I’ve ever appeared on TV!

Also, not completely related to acting, but somehow it turned out that way… My friend needed some help setting up and working his booth at the 2nd Toronto Comic Con Wizard World Convention. Never been to anything like it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out, it was a really great time! All sorts of people showed up; fans from different comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. For some, it was like Halloween (being all dressed up). Some were more into it than others, actually looking like they came off the set of a movie.

I ended up meeting a few actors and other people involved in the industry somehow. One I will mention, as I actually have a picture of him with me, is Robert Maillet. He plays Dredger, the really big and tall (close to 7 feet) guy who fights Robert Downey Jr. in the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. Big Robert (I’m sure he won’t mind that) came to our booth and as soon as he mentioned that movie title (by the way, he also played in 300), I remembered him in the film! Then, I had this photo idea, so I shared it with him, and he was all for it! I tried to have him back out, but he kept saying we can take it, so we did it. The result is what you see here.

Robert Maillet, impressed with my size!

Obviously, he did a tiny bit of knee bending to appear shorter that me…which was really awesome of him to do. Really nice guy too, even ended up buying something from us. Then I found out we had a mutual friend in the industry as well. Small world! Okay fine, you wanna see how tall he REALLY is? Well check out this picture, which is a bit closer to reality (although I might have also bent my knees to exaggerate the difference…maybe not as much as he did).

UPDATE: Check out this YouTube video, capturing part of that moment on video (from approximately the 0:50 mark and lasts about 5 seconds)!

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Samy on the cover of "AK-Cowboy"Well, at least so far! This year, I’ve averaged more than a cover a month, just having shot the 4th of 2011 yesterday, now making it 9 books under my belt. Just like every book this year, it was shot by photographer Robert Goshgarian who is always a pleasure to work with. You gotta also give credit to his team and the art directors for making it a great experience.

Speaking of, one of the covers I did with them has just been released! Check out cover number 5 called AK-Cowboy written by Joanna Wayne.

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First off, check out this video before you read on. You’ll see why…

What could we possibly be talking about? Can it really be what most people are thinking as they watch the video? Well hopefully you’ve seen it by now so I don’t “spoil” it. It’s actually Contiki Canada’s newest online video campaign. What we’re talking about is going on a trip with Contiki! That’s what we’ve done, and have done with “a whole bunch of people” as they specialize in creating travel experiences for groups of people.

This was directed by my friend Trevor Francis who I’ve gotten to know after working with him on the Corel video as well as a Much Music commercial. What’s great about the rapport we share is that he also sees me as a creative person, which makes him open to ideas that I have. It’s such a blessing to work with a director like that… And, as a result of this, the line I deliver in the video was a suggestion I had, which ended up working pretty well!

As for Harlequin news, I was shot in two new book covers…which now brings my total to 8! Once again, I worked with Robert Goshgarian and I really hope to continue to work with him and his team at the rate I’ve been so far this year. It’s always a great time and good seeing those guys again!

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UPDATE: Check out the interview/behind the scenes web video with the Executive Producer on Assault and Rescue’s video page, which also includes footage from the show. You’ll see clips of me when they talk about the actors.

Back in May, I was involved in the pilot episode of a new show that was going to be called Assault and Rescue POV (which you can read about here). What I liked about the idea is all the reenactments parts in this docudrama are all from a 1st person perspective. As in, every shot is really from the eyes of one of the characters.Samy as Amnon Pelled in Assault and Rescue Operation ThunderballThe best part of this is during the action sequences, where you’ll see everything including guns being fired from the point of view of these different people, almost a 1st person shooter video game.

Well, I’m not sure if it’ll be a whole series anymore, but they are airing the episode we shot! In it I play Amnon Pelled, and actually take down a few people with an AK-47. Now, will you see it from “my” perspective, or from the point of view of another commando on my team, I don’t know, but I certainly look forward to seeing it! Discovery Channel is airing it on Sunday January 30th, at 8:00pm Eastern. Check out the press release and/or Frantic Film’s Assault and Rescue page for more info! You’ll notice on the 2nd link, they used a picture of me on their page (which I in turn used here)!

Operation Thunderball is also referred to as Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Entebbe. Feel free to read about it on the Wikipedia page!