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Nikita: Season 3, Episode 6
My role: Sammy (Recurring)

In this scene, Sammy, a tech in Nikita's Division asks Sonya about rumors concerning a mole. This episode, titled "Sideswipe", first aired on December 7th, 2012.

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I booked a job which consisted of pretending to be a Telus employee at the opening of their new building in downtown Ottawa. At the party, they had their very own cover band playing (The Webtones, comprised of Telus employees) and wanted to shoot a music video for them. So the plan was for us to mingle with the others. When the music started, we had to start dancing and hype up the crowd to make for a good video. It was lots of fun and it worked out pretty good!

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Athlete’s World Job - Group shot Athlete’s World Job - Shot with customers

I booked a two day promotional job for Athlete’s World which happened last weekend. We were three guys and a girl, hanging out just outside the store at the St-Laurent Center location in Ottawa. All us guys were topless in shorts with a soccer ball, basketball and water bottles as props. I was in charge of the basketball and let’s just say I had a lot of practice with my dribbling.

The promotion consisted of attracting people to the store as well as to get them to take pictures with us. They printed off the pictures with a printer and there were prizes to be won. All picture proceeds actually went to the Boys & Girls Clubs. Quite a bit of money was raised and we all had a great time!

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I was offered the lead male in a short film shot by Parktown Productions (at the end of May) called “2@2”. It was actually put together for a contest promoting Calvin Klein’s new man/woman fragrances IN2U.  The shoot went great!

Before voting was actually open to Canada, it was the top rated film! As it stands, it looks like it’s tied for first. Only a few days of voting left on ckin2u.com so check it out! A direct link to the film is available under the work section. In addition, I’ve auditioned and was offered roles for a couple of other films (“Autopilot Off” written by Alex Massad and “The Portal” by Raied Ghanam). We also finally finished shooting my scenes for the feature length film “6 for 7”. I’m looking foward to the finished product!

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The guys from Bolandi Classics approached me awhile back about using me as a model for them. Finally in the last two days, we shot with the talented photographer Jef Harris – He’s a great guy to work with and we got along well!

We had two photo shoots, one two days ago in the morning/early afternoon with one suit, then last night with another, both outdoors. Looking forward to seeing the results!

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Angie’s Models and Talent yearly showcase was last night. It was extremely successful! I had a great time and made some new friends. Today at the go see’s, quite a few people expressed interest in me.. including a couple of agencies in Toronto who want to represent me there. I will keep you updated on my decision if I choose to join an agency in Toronto!

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Last night Pascal Aka premiered “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”. It was a great time and a very successful event with well over 300 people in attendance (400 or so capacity).

 We all finally got to see the finished product. A lot was cut out and the film was still a feature length movie spanning over an hour. Pascal Aka’s work was very impressive especially for this being his first film! Many were left impressed and a good time was had by all.  People seemed to enjoy my character “Spookie”!

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I booked and shot a TV commercial and print for Sara Lee! Shoot went great. The first day I was in swimming shorts, flippers and goggles. I had to do a goofy walk then again with a burger! It was actually all photographed. The TV commercial will have a sort of animation style feel to it.

 It will be tested in a few areas in the United States and possibly made into a National US commercial. As for the print, one was with a girl as a couple’s shoot. We both had mouthfuls of cake! Then I switched shirts and did it all over again but by myself.

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I’ve been working a lot on films in the past few months.. lots of busy and sleep deprived weekends! We shot and finished “Nothing Left To Say”. It was great working with Paul, his wife Shalan, friend Dre and my cast mate Nancy. I’ve already seen rough edits of the film and it’s going to look great. Paul’s not only a pleasure to work with but a really talented guy!

Another film that we completed is Pascal’s “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”. The premiere is on May 27th! Check out the website for details. Pascal’s another hard working man who’s artistically gifted.

We also finally shot the last scene for “Drinks”.

Finally, I continued extensive work for the feature length film “6 for 7”. At this point I only have a few scenes left to shoot, and eventually some voiceovers!

Additionally, I was offered the lead in a short thriller called “Goodbye”. I accepted and we’ve already shot a good chunk of the film.

As for commercial work, I booked another Much Music TV ad for their “Much Mobile Missions” contest. Then I did a video for the new “LG Fusic” phone which is featured on their French webpage for it. I was also featured in an internal Transport Canada video.

Moving on to print, I landed a job for Shopper’s Drug Mart. The pictures should be appearing in stores soon enough. I also did a photoshoot for the “Centropolis” in Laval. Pictures should be up at the center as well as on their website. Lastly, I got a new headshot that was shot by Robert Du Broy; a great guy. Check out the resume and pictures section for updates with all the aforementioned.

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At the beginning of December I attended my agency’s party. Met some new people, talked to some familiar faces and had a great time.

Shooting for “6 for 7” continued and is going well.

I booked and shot a commercial for Vonage Canada mid December and had a great time on set! Watch for the guy with the binoculars on TV and on the Internet.

I also landed the lead in a local project called “Nothing Left To Say”. In January, the student film “Inescapable ” and shot in Cardinal, Ontario. That went well too.

I also did a music video for a local band called No Other way. The song is called “Hollywood Horror Show” and I played a show host. Had a great time with the character!

Also, shot another fight scene for “Souls Of Strife” which was a lot of run to rehearse!

Shooting for “Peace for Middle East” also continued.

Finally I joined an Improv group in Ottawa for practice and fun! Resume and pictures sections have been updated once again.

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Just at the end of September, I signed up for the Ottawa University 24hour Theater Project (being a non-student, an exception was made for me to participate – thanks Ross and Jeremy). As a team, we had 24 hours to write and perform an original play. I was one of the actors and had a great time. The crowd loved it!

In October, we did voiceovers for Bollywood North.

I also had a photoshoot with Laurel Breidon in Montreal. I plan to have those pictures up soon enough.

Shooting of Pascal’s movie “Souls Of Strife” continued and Michel from RAMM Entertainment offered a lead role for a feature length film called “6 for 7” based on my performance in his latest short “Silent Touch”. I accepted and we’ve already started shooting. Pictures of the production are already up!

I was also offered a role in Jamal’s “Peace for Middle East” and I’ve done a scene so far.

In November, I auditioned and received a role for a student film called “Inescapable”.

Finally I booked a new commercial! This one’s for Sirius Satellite Radio. I got both the English and French roles and it’s already been shot and completed. This is an Internet only video so you can just follow the link in the work section to see it! Both resume and pictures sections have been updated with the changes.

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