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Yesterday I wrapped up my role of George Patisso on Season 5, Episode 12 of F2: Forensic Factor directed by Laurie Lynd.

Let me start by going back to the audition. First of all, I knew the casting director Crystal Kramer, and I tend to do well at her castings.. although I hadn’t booked a role through her yet. I always seem to “come in second” for the roles I was going for. Anyway, I got to the building and found the person who I was auditioning with. He seemed familiar, but only later did I realize why. It was Anwar Knight from CTV News. He and I ran through our scene until it was our turn to go. This really helped me get ready for the audition, and when we were called in, we both did great and that one take was all they needed. A few days later, I got the news that I was offered the role of George Patisso!

Samy on set of F2: Forensic FactorI was needed on set for two days. The first one was on Tuesday, and consisted of a full 12 hour day. This is where most of the scenes involving my character were shot. My second day consisted of an evening call time, with only one scene to shoot.

It was a great experience and I met some awesome people. Despite the gruesome content of the show, the other actors and the crew filled my day with laughs and good times. Check out the picture, taken as we’re hanging out, getting ready to shoot a morgue scene. I’ll let you guess my role in the scene, based on the fact that I was waiting around in a bathrobe.

However, it wasn’t all laughs. We also had some more serious and reflective moments. This show is a docudrama, with reenactments of real events where people were killed. We all felt sympathy for the the friends and family of the people who’s murders are covered by this episode of the show… My heart goes out to them.

Posted on: 01 May 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

First off, Yesterday’s post was in fact an April Fools. I’m still holding on to my acting career!

Actually, on Monday, photographer Robert Gagnon shot me for the cover of an upcoming Harlequin book. I forget the name of it, but know it should be released in October 2009. We shot two main looks for the character. First his handyman side (complete with tool belt) then with a more cowboy look to him (no tool belt, but a hat this time). It went great and everyone on set was pleasant. Hope to work with Robert and his team again!

If you were wondering about the Doritos Guru contest, my commercial entry didn’t make the top 5. However, I’m still very happy with how things went and the way the video turned out. I’m very thankful for everyone involved in this experience, and the support I had throughout this contest! Filmmaking is definitely something I want to continue to peruse. As for this video, you can now watch it on YouTube in HD!

Posted on: 02 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Snack Guru - by Samy OsmanWatch: YouTube[HD] (30 seconds)

Well maybe not just “directorial”.. I produced, directed, wrote, shot, edited, cast, etc. my very first project this past weekend! Couldn’t of done with without everyone involved.. a big thanks to all!
Check out my new Production page for more details, including a list of people’s contribution to the project, on the page I put together for my Doritos Intense: Snack Guru commercial entry for the Doritos Guru contest!

Click the link just under the picture to watch and vote (via the thumbs up image when you get to the page) for my commercial. You can vote up to once a day and leave as many comments as you wish. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join the group to help spread the word. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I’ve finally put together my first production.. and it was awesome! And I can’t thank my wonderful team enough! Without those of you who helped me by being in it, or lend a hand behind the scenes and on set, this wouldn’t of been possible. This means so much to me, especially being a first. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for longer than I even realized, and it was amazing to be able to actualize my vision.

I always thought it would of started with a short film but it turned out to be a thirty second commercial entry for a contest. But not any contest.. $25,000 grand prize and 1% of future Canadian sales? Talk about motivation! Voting ends March 18th so please do your best to vote daily, comment and spread the word!

Posted on: 11 Mar 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

I’m happy to announce that the Live 88.5 TV commercials are now on the air! They’re also available online on YouTube, posted up by Parktown Productions.

Check them out below! You can play them straight from here, via the play icon, or by going to it’s YouTube page by clicking the commercial’s name below the video.

Bathroom – by Parktown Productions

Stereo – by Parktown Productions

Feel free to take a look at their YouTube account parktownpro for more of their work.

Posted on: 25 Nov 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Behind the scenes shot of Samy and Edith during the D'Italiano photoshootI’m happy to announce that I’ve booked my first job since moving to Toronto which was just shot today – a D’Italiano print campaign for a contest to win a Vespa Scooter. The ad will feature Edith Camirand and I on a Vespa (as seen in the behind the scenes pictures), and was shot by Avner Levona.

Picture of the computer screen displaying a raw shot of Samy and Edith during the D'Italiano photoshootI gotta start by saying everyone was great to work with! Avner and his team of assistants, the art director, wardrobe and make up artist, the clients and Edith were all easy going and professional. I even had the chance to reminisce about my trip to Taiwan, since the make up artist grew up there! All in all, I had a good time, and met a lot of great people, which I hope to see and work with in the future. Some are also interested, and/or working in film and TV as well, so I’ll have even better chances to run into them again!

Now going back to just a couple of days ago, I was interviewed by Sara Koonar and her friend Jill, for a school project in their Journalism program. Conducted in my Toronto apartment, they asked me about my role as the lead male in 2@2. Sara’s actually a friend of mine, who I met years ago back home in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. She has also moved to Toronto to further her career! Anyway, I had fun and was happy and flattered to be the subject of their interview! I’ll make sure to provide a link if it ends up online!

Posted on: 13 Nov 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Once again I’ve gone a long time without any updates. Well, this is because I’ve decided to move to Toronto at the beginning of this month! I’ll do my best to summarize most of what has happened since.

The first thing I had to do was find a place to live. Once I did that, I moved and took a few days to settle in. From that point, I started my search for a talent agent. I had already went over a list with a friend back home. So when I was finished with the move to Toronto, I submitted my photo and resume to some of those agencies via email. Shortly after, I found out that most agencies prefer a hard copy submission. So, I decided to print some pictures and resumes, then deliver them as I biked around town.

After this, I started getting some responses from agencies. Either they were interested, or their roster was full and weren’t actively expanding. As these were coming in, I had secured an audition for a upcoming TV game show called “ManUP!”. Also, Jamal Hashemi drove from Ottawa to shoot a short video. Also involved, Umid and Nawid Orokzai, two brothers from Toronto who I met on Jamal’s last project, “Under the Influence”. We met together to discuss the project, then shot it the next day.

Getting back to my agent search, from the interested agencies/agents, I was very happy with Teri Boyack from Hines Management. When I sat down with her, I realized she was everything I was looking for in an agent.. and more. We had a really good rapport and by the end of our meeting, I knew who I wanted to work with! So on Friday, I made it official and signed with Hines Management. Even to this day, I’m still getting contracted by other agencies who I’ve submitted to, expressing their interest in meeting with me. This is because some of these agencies get hundreds of submissions in a short amount of time, and take a while to get back to the talent. Regardless of that, I feel I made a great decision by signing with Teri, and I’m grateful for having her as my agent!

I also attended an acting workshop on the 18th, which featured Toronto casting directors Crystal Kramer and Lori Pearlstein. Not only did I get a refresher on things I knew already, but I also learned a lot, worked with some nice people and had a great time. Crystal and Lori did a great job and it was nice meeting them along with the other actors!

More recently, I started auditioning again (thanks Teri), which I’m very happy about! As for the ManUP! audition, I was contacted to be a contestant! Actually, the episode I was in was just taped on Saturday. Basically, I competed against two other guys (Mike and Konrad) in a series of challenges, as well as some trivia questions. It wasn’t really about the points, but more about the comedic and fun aspect of the program. In the end, the guys at RedFish Entertainment, the production company behind ManUP!, put together a fun show for us, and were very appreciative with our participation. This was my first experience as a game show contestant, which turned out to be really fun. Plus, I didn’t leave empty handed! I’m not saying who “won the show”, but there were prizes for each challenge. A big thanks to the guys who put this together!

Samy - Photo by Samy OsmanAs if there wasn’t enough to read already, I put together another self-shot and self-edited picture of myself. This one, shows a more serious side of myself, and also serves an alternative look to my head shot, as I have a beard in this one. In addition, just last week I signed up for a martial arts class! Without mentioning who the master is, I will say that he used to work in film, with stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, back in the 70s and 80s. He has long retired from the film scene, and now teaches in his school here in Toronto. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing teacher, who despite almost being in his seventies, is extremely capable and young at heart! Did I mention hilarious? Well that too.

Posted on: 28 Oct 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just yesterday, I again worked with the guys at Parktown Productions. Funny enough, I had another topless shaving scene, just like when we did 2@2. Well not quite topless.. as we ended up using a towel over my shoulders this time. Yet I must say, I was amused at how Richard, the producer, was excited about me having my shirt off… Hahaha! It was all in good fun.

Kyle, Ben and Samy @ Live 88.5 Commercial Shoot - Taken by AndreAnyway, before we even got to that part, we were over at an electronics store. There, we shot the first commercial which went quite well. Especially considering the store was kept open, and we had a few extras on set. Everyone did a really great job! I also had a friend and fellow actor, Andre Givogue, who I met on the set of Pascal Aka’s film “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”, came in to play a salesman in the background. My role was to pass this orange puck, to a customer.. and then happiness ensued.

Samy @ Live 88.5 Commercial Shoot - Taken by KyleThe other commercial, which I had mentioned earlier, took place in a bathroom. As I’m shaving, some noise gets my attention. So, I look around for it’s source, then the girl in the bathtub hands me the orange puck. Suddenly, something extraordinary happens and everything becomes bright and cheery. These two 15 seconds spots for the Live 88.5 radio station actually follow each other. I first receive the puck in the washroom, then give it away at the electronics store. Thus the slogan “Pass It On”. Check out the previous “trilogy” also produced by Parktown: Walker, Bench and Office.

It was awesome shooting with Richard Towns and Kyle Connolly again, as well as Ben Walker (directed a music video I took part in) who was helping out on set. I also met Nick Lacelle, who did a great job too. Last but not least, the other actors involved were also a pleasure to work with!

Posted on: 30 Sep 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Lately I haven’t been updating my website as often and I would want, so today I’m going to play catch up, in chronological order, from newest to oldest. I will also include stuff that I didn’t previously write about!

Samy - Photo by Samy Osman
As you might have noticed, I’ve put a new picture up. This one is actually my own work. Not only did I shoot it, but the post/editing work is all done by yours truly. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the picture is large enough to make an 8×12 print, since I cropped it quite a bit, but I might just try it. Regardless, I feel the shot serves to showcase a more intense (and creative) side of me. Make sure to click the shot or check out the pictures section for a bigger version!

Just last Friday, we had our first shooting day of Jeff Wood’s short film, “The Comet”. Here I play the main character, a workaholic father who shares a narrative from his childhood with his wife, when he realizes the importance of the day depicted in the story. We were able to shoot parts of the beginning, and I feel we got some good takes in. We actually had a read-through of the whole script a few days before this. Not to mention, I’ve been involved with this project for awhile, meeting with the rest of our little team behind this project, putting it all together. I even took part in casting an important role.. so it was nice to finally start shooting.

On the last day of August, I participated in an episode of a short TV Pilot currently named “FX Challenge”. Actually a friend and fellow actor, Daniel Lavigne, asked me if I was interested in having a small part in the show. Oddly enough, not only did I already meet director Kevin McMillan, but before I had left for Taiwan, I had given him a list of actors to help him out on a project. Well, Daniel reminded me about that, how he was on that list and that it was from there that he and Kevin started working together. I had forgotten about the whole thing!

So anyway, in the episode we shot, I played myself, but as a guns enthusiast/expert (which I’m not really.. although I do know a thing or two about them). Anyway, don’t want to say too much about it, but feel free to check out the director website at Overall we had a great time!

Finally, I had the chance to work with a handful of local actors on “One Bathroom”, just at the end of September. This was directed by Lisa Meuser, who I had met on the set of another film, over a year ago, where she mostly worked as a script supervisor. What can I say; it’s a small world… Well at least a small Ottawa!

Posted on: 10 Sep 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

I haven’t written in a while, but it doesn’t mean nothing’s going on! There are quite a few projects that I have been involved in, but are still in the preliminary stages. I also hope to shoot my very own short before the summer ends! So even though I haven’t had much to show lately, things happening behind the scenes!

On set of Under the InfluenceGoing back to the main topic, I spent most of last weekend working on a short film called “Under the Influence”. We got all the footage we needed in those two days, being a short and having shot until almost sunset. It was a great experience! The project was being led by Jamal Hashemi, who I’ve worked with before and met through Pascal Aka (who was part of the crew). Nawid Orokzai, from Toronto, also played a big part in the production, also having a lead as my friend in the film, as well as taking part of the camera work with Pascal. Nawid will also be editing the film. His brother and friend, who both came from Toronto, helped out on set and had small roles in the film.

I had a great time while having the chance to meet, work with and befriend some great people! I hope to keep in touch and work with them again.

Finally, just yesterday I had a special extra role as a waiter in a locally shot TV series called Family Biz, produced by Muse Entertainment. Didn’t have to do much in terms of acting in this one, but it was fun regardless.

Actually, I don’t usually mention these roles, but I’ve done a lot of un-credited work with the same production company in the past. This includes another silent role as, how to put this, let’s say a “casual hookup guy” of one of the lead’s in a Movie of the Week called The Watch. In this one, while the two female leads were talking in the living room (Cassie and Andrea played by Clea DuVall from “Heroes”, and Elizabeth Whitmere), I happen to come up the stairs wearing only boxers. They notice, and start talking about me as I grab some orange juice from the fridge. We then make eye contact, I wave with a smirk on my face, and head back downstairs. If you happen to get that scene recorded for me, I’d love to see it!

Posted on: 09 Jul 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Behind the Scenes at Charles River Catalogue ShootYesterday morning, two of my roommates and fellow “PT” models and I took a cab to a studio in Taipei. We had a catalogue shoot for Charles River which was outdoors and outside of Taipei. So, we all hopped into a small bus together, models, photographer and crew, to a city three hours south of the capital. It was so warm, and such a beautiful day. Quite the contrast from a chilly and raining Taipei morning. The weather greatly contributed in making the shoot a very pleasant experience. Then, after we were finished, we were treated to a traditional Chinese lunch. Let me say I ate more than my share. The chef seemed quite pleased to see foreigners enjoy the food as much as we did. A great experience overall!

As for today, I finished shooting my first TV commercial in Taiwan! It was for a company called Chi Guan, advertising new residential buildings. My role consisted of being a business man, walking down the street and noticing the buildings. Pretty simple job! Got a close up and everything. I also had a chance to have some interesting conversations with the other actors as well, espesially from an older guy from Holland and a fellow Canadian, both now making their lives in Taiwan. I can see why they would, it really is nice over here!

Posted on: 22 Jan 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman