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Ah, the life of an actor. You just never know what will come up. Towards the end of July, I had a chance to play a “Divison Tech” in the third season premiere of the TV show Nikita. It was a small role, but a role nonetheless; on a great show that both my parents and I watch and enjoy. Not was I excited to be on Nikita, but was so grateful for the chance to have a part in it. Well, about a month and a half later, I found out they wanted me back for a bigger part in another episode!

The trailer for the character Sammy, played by Samy Osman

That’s right, and they even named the character “Sammy”! Quite possibly one of the best names you could give (a statement that my parents would wholeheartedly agree with). I kinda like that I, “Samy”, get to play “Sammy”. Also, I was really happy to see the familiar faces from filming the first episode and they so warmly welcomed me back. Plus, I had a blast on set again!

Samy Osman and Isaiah Mustafa on set of Nikita Samy Osman, Lyndie Greenwood and Noah Bean reunited on set of Nikita

Not only was I happily reunited with the awesome regular cast members Lyndie Greenwood and Noah Bean, but I also met Isaiah Mustafa before I left set. You may know him best from his great character in the “Old Spice” commercials. Well, turns out he’s a great guy in real life too. He’s so grateful and happy for what’s happened in the past three years of his career; loved hearing his story!

Finally, another Nikita related announcement…which is why I mention the show’s name three times in post’s title. I will be back for yet another episode, making it my third one so far! With that, I’ve decided to set a date to join ACTRA, the union for actors in Canada. Just need to finish off some non-union projects beforehand…then it’ll be time to make the switch. This is like a new chapter in my acting career and I’m glad it’s started with this show! Exciting times!

Posted on: 24 Sep 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

Wow, I realized it’s been just about a month and a half since I last wrote an update here! So I figured, I’d point out a few ways to keep in the loop in between my blog posts for those curious about what’s happening with my career!

Despite not always updating the site in a timely fashion, I try and keep active on my Twitter account. Also, I often try to include pictures with those tweets; from on or off set. So if you’re on it, feel free to follow me! Also, all my tweets go to my Facebook actor page which is accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have Facebook (and if you do have a account, feel free to give it a like).

Also, for those who’d rather be notified of a new updated instead of checking in once in awhile, I have a subscription option! It’s pretty simple, if you look on the “sidebar” to the right of the page and scroll down you’ll see the “Subscribe to SAMYOSMAN.COM” section where you can enter your email and be notified when I post a new blog entry. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting any junk mail and you can unsubscribe at any time. Don’t forget to check your inbox once you submit your email address as you’ll need to confirm your subscription prior to getting the updates.

With that out of the way, I can now share some news with you! Let me start by showing you these Brushpoint web videos that I’m a part of. The first is more of a commercial while the other leans on the side of instructional video; both featuring myself as the main guy! I actually got this job through a recommendation from someone I worked with in the past and in the end, the production company and client were very happy with me. Here are the videos embedded below:

What else has happened since the last update? Well, another Harlequin cover for one! Been working on some of my own projects as well, but no shoot date is set for anything at this point. Also, I play the lead guy in another web/commercial video that should be ready soon. Oh, and this was also booked through a past recommendation but I still went in and auditioned for it.

I’ve also had some good auditions/callbacks and yep, another job through previous work. What could this one be? Well, how about another appearance on Nikita? That’s right! I just tweeted about it this morning, before heading to my wardrobe call. My part shoots Monday and I’m pretty excited to be back on set! This time around, I have a nice scene with a larger role, an actual character name (rather than “Division Tech”) which is actually my own name spelled slightly differently, and now, officially a recurring character on the show! Will I appear in even more episodes? We’ll have to wait and see…but let’s just say I wouldn’t say “no” if they asked me!

Posted on: 14 Sep 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

One of the career highlights I’ve had recently, as the title suggests, is a role on Nikita! They had me play a “Division” tech. If you’re not familiar with the show, I basically played a part of the team at the headquarters of the secret organization that the show follows.

The fun thing about landing this role was the fact that I’ve seen all the episodes up to this point, so not only do I understand what’s going on but I got to meet and hang out with the actors behind most of the leads on the show. It was very interesting to play with characters I’ve been watching this whole time. On top of that, the crew was awesome to work with as well. Everyone was so welcoming on set, they made me feel a bit like an honored guest! I was introduced to so many people including the show creator…even had stand-ins who were great!

Another awesome thing was the fact that the studio was only about 5km from where I live! So I biked there everyday… One of the nights I was wrapped pretty late (between 1:00 and 2:00am) and my ride home was so peaceful and quiet, with lightning lighting up the sky at a distance. Dreamlike!

In the end, I had a great time playing on a show I actually watch, got treated really well and received great feedback and encouraging words, especially from Noah Bean (Ryan Fletcher), Lyndie Greenwood (Sonya), Aaron Stanford (Seymour Birkhoff) and some of the crew as well. On top of that, some were talking to me about the possibility of returning to the show and expressing that they’d like to see me again!

Aaron Stanford, Samy Osman, Noah Bean and Lyndie Greenwood on set of Nikita

Most importantly, my mom follows the show as well, so she’s really happy that I got a role on it…now even more excited to watch the new season! Knowing this, and knowing that the character Michael is one of her favorites (from both the older series and the current remake), I asked the man behind the role, Shane West, for a favor. He graciously agreed (keep in mind my mom is French Canadian and her name is Annie) as you’ll see in the video below!

I will most definitely remind you when the third season begins so you can catch my appearance on the show! Also since the last update, I had another Harlequin book cover shoot, corporate video and independent film work and finally a online toothbrush video/commercial that should be released soon!

Posted on: 29 Jul 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

I’d finally like to introduce you to my new website design; it’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here! If you’re familiar with the old site, you’ll notice the featured items section on the front page has been changed and now requires you to use the arrows to switch between videos. There’s also an option to subscribe to the site (updating you with new posts) and you can do so via the form located on the right sidebar.

The about section has been revisited and partially rewritten, the resume page now includes an embedded YouTube playlist of some acting work, the pictures section has a whole lot more pictures, the production page contains the projects’ videos embedded onto it, the contact page is much more visual and finally the footer got a complete overhaul. Overall I feel the changes provides a better browsing experience without sacrificing too much simplicity. Hope you like it!

Now for the Chapman’s ice cream commercial in which I play the guy leading the group! Below I’ve included the videos of the French version followed by the English one:

This was shot about a month ago and I had some good times on set! Spent two full, sunny days outdoors over a weekend while meeting and working with a whole lot of great people. Speaking of great people, I also met Kina Grannis in person, the lovely singer/songwriter who’s video I used in Friendship Upgrade, as she was performing in Toronto that evening! Nothing but good things to say about her! Also, you might also notice how red I was from being out in the sun all weekend.

Samy Osman and Kina Grannis during her stop in Toronto

Now, you may be aware that I’m on a mostly vegan diet…but don’t worry, I didn’t have to eat any ice cream. I was upfront about it from the day I went into the audition so they were aware. Even if it would have cost me the job, honesty is the best policy. Besides, not a lot of actors in Toronto are fully bilingual so I knew I had a good chance!

You might argue that I should avoid this type of work altogether, and that’s something I might consider in the future, but I’m at least pretty sure at this point I won’t be doing anything advertising the consumption of meat!

Additionally, since the last update, other than putting in a lot of time into this site, I’ve gotten some corporate and catalogue work here and there, and even a new Harlequin book cover shoot! Speaking of, I now display all the released covers at the bottom of the pictures section! Also added are some stills and on set shots of the commercial!

Posted on: 29 May 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

Hopefully, if you’ve been on the site this month, you realized that my last post was an April Fools’ joke. That video is years old!

Now that I’ve cleared up any confusion, I’d like to continue by announcing the air date of “Shot in the Dark“, the Cold Blood episode in which I play the suspected killer! Is he really the one who did it? Well, you’ll have to watch it to find out! Unfortunately, I believe it’s only airing in the United States right now (Thursday April 26th, at 9:00pm EST on Investigation Discovery). Will do my best to find out when a Canadian air date is set!

Now, for some new Harlequin book covers! These are number twelve and thirteen of the books in which I’m featured as the likeness of the leading man.

Samy on the cover of Not Just Friends by Kate Hoffman Samy on the cover of Relentless Pursuit by Sara Orwig

They are Not Just Friends by Kate Hoffmann and Relentless Pursuit by Sara Orwig. Check them out if you’re into those kinds of books!

Posted on: 24 Apr 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

Still of Samy and Daniel in "Lost and Found in Beijing"
Last weekend, I went back to Ottawa to finish up some final scenes for Kevin McMillan‘s TV pilot “Lost and Found in Beijing”. It was great seeing Kevin and Daniel again, along with David Kujuwa who helped out with the shoot. Everything went really well and we had a great time working together; lots of laughs were had by all. We also did ADR (re-recording our dialogue) for an airplane scene which we actually shot on one of our flights. The reason for recording our voices over again is that cabin noise in the plane is just too loud so we needed to get clean audio.

Samy on the cover of Cassie's Grand Plan by Emmie Dark Samy on the cover of One in a Million by Susan Mallery

Also, I noticed a few new Harlequin books featuring me on the cover are now available for purchase. Check out Cassie’s Grand Plan by Emmie Dark and One in a Million by Susan Mallery. I have a couple more book cover appearances on the way and should be available soon. I’ll be sure to share those once they’re released!

Posted on: 21 Mar 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

It’s been awhile since I last updated my site, but not to worry; I’ve been keeping busy! I’m actually days away from moving, which is quite the process (just finding a place to my liking has been pretty time consuming). The reason for this? They’re shooting an episode of “Holmes on Homes” in the house I currently live in, which means Mike Holmes and his team are going to renovate it. They already came by to shoot the per-renovations segments with the homeowners, and I made a little cameo…which will be my first time on a reality TV show if I’m not mistaken.

Why am I moving because of this? Well, since the house needs to be empty in order for them to work on it, I decided to move out and try something new. The alternative is to put my stuff in storage, find short term accommodations (could be up to two months) and move back in. Instead, I figured I should try and experience life in an apartment building. Except for a few weeks/months here and there overseas, I’ve always lived in a house…and in this case, a self contained apartment on a level of a home. It’s bittersweet as I’m really happy for the family, being on the show and getting their house fixed up…but having been here for almost three and a half years, we’ve become friends and it’s not going to be the same without them. To be honest, I never saw them as my landlords but always as my neighbors and friends.

Now was is this “BMW spec ad” I mentioned in the title? Well, a while ago…actually back in October of 2010, William Barber shot a video with a very interesting concept. One, that he had told me about years ago when we were both living in the Ottawa area; I had been looking forward to being a part of it ever since. I actually briefly talked about it here but only yesterday when I worked with Will again on yet another spec ad, did I ask him about the BMW video. He told me it’s been up on YouTube for almost a year now…and has over half a million views as I write this! Check it out here or just above this paragraph.

So other than video I acted in yesterday (all I’ll say for now is that it involves feathers and slow motion), since the last update I’ve worked on mostly corporate and advertising work. I’ve also been offered a lead role in a short film which I unfortunately had to turn down due to scheduling conflicts. However, I do have another upcoming lead role in yet another short which I look forward to shooting. That and we’re planning to finish up Kevin McMillan‘s TV pilot “Lost and Found in Beijing” my with co-star Daniel Lavigne. Finally, I’m almost ready to start putting together my new website and working on some of my own projects and collaborations…but that will all have to wait until after I get settled into my new place!

Posted on: 04 Mar 2012
Posted by: Samy Osman

It’s always hard to believe at the end of a year, that yet another one has gone by. While I don’t think we should need a specific day to reflect on what has passed, or to set new goals, it’s kind of a good excuse to do so!

Let’s begin with the end. While I like to take the opportunity to go back home for the holidays, this year I had to postpone it by a few days…for a good reason.Plato setting up the rig at Fast Motion StudiosI landed a job that involved some “wire work”. What I mean by that is I had to be suspended in the air! It was shot at Fast Motion Studios where Plato Fountidakis and his team set up and managed the rig, working with the camera crew to put this thing together. It was shot on a blue screen (same idea a green screen) and the concept involves us flying in the air. I can’t go into details until it’s released, but I can tell you it was a great experience being there working with everyone involved!

Not only did my year end well, but I had a lot of great gigs throughout. Being a lead on a feature film, shooting for two and a half weeks and making great friends in the process was definitely a highlight. Also, I landed a lead role on a TV show episode (that “killer” role on Cold Blood I recently wrote about). Not to mention that this year, I did more Harlequin covers than any other. It’s also the first time I openly talked about my diet choice to avoid meat and meat by-products, why those choices were made and how I’ve still been able to put on some muscle weight without any problems. Another memorable experience is the TV pilot that we shot in China! Traveling, seeing a country for the first time and getting to do what I love, being a lead in a show, working with some great people? Pretty awesome! Even the commercial and corporate work have been great! Not to mention, the awesome audition opportunities (even if I don’t always get the part), multiple callbacks, getting my motorcycle license with a friend (who I’ve met being in this industry and has directed a few projects I’ve been involved in) and so many other great experiences this year.

What about 2012? Well, I’ve been working on this comedic skit that I should be shooting at the end of the first week of the New Year! It’s going to be my third production where I’ll once again be wearingHappy Holidays! December 2011the hats of director, producer, writer, editor, etc. I’m thankful to have a really solid team on board; I’m really excited about it! Other than some other plans and goals, the great part of doing what I do is that I don’t know what opportunities will present themselves (or ones that I’ll find/create/collaborate on), but I’m really excited about the possibilities! Life is beautiful…and for me, part of that beauty is the unknown. Wish you all the best holidays and may this new year bring you lots of love, health and happiness!

Posted on: 25 Dec 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

I just finished being on set of Cold Blood (a docudrama reenacting real crimes) yesterday! I played the killer of an episode and actually…it was pretty fun having one of the larger roles on a show. Over four days, I got to do so much and meet a lot of great people!

So a lot of dialogue on this show is improvised. We’re mostly given scenarios, sometimes a bit of dialogue (except for one scene where we had almost had a page’s worth), some directions and it’s up to the actors do make something out of it. Actually there was a scene where toward the end, another actor asked me a question that they told him to ask. The thing is, I had no idea this was coming, so I just went with it and replied appropriately. It was fun not knowing that someone was going to say something, instead of pretending not to know. Although I don’t mind either way!

The reason is, this show is a docudrama. Since it’s based on a real events and they often have people talking over the action, sometimes including interviews of people that were involved in those events, it’s more about the visuals of the action than the actual words we’re using. Although, sometimes they have us saying specific things that they might highlight.

Anyway, as I said I got to do a lot of things over the past few days…without going into details, they recorded me doing simple things like taking out trash, riding a bike to less ordinary things like shooting a rifle, getting escorted to a police car and getting in a fight! Plus, one of our locations was a bar with a mechanical bull so at the end of the day I jumped on it! Had nothing to do with the actual shoot, but I did get someone to shoot it with my cell phone! Was a first for me…and another first was the fact that I recorded a few videos of my experience having this role on the show. It’s the one embedded above to check it out and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more! Feel free to like, favorite, rate, share, comment, etc. as I’m going to try to get a bit more exposure through those!

Posted on: 09 Dec 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

It’s been about a week since I got back from Beijing, China where we shot the pilot “Lost and Found in Beijing” and it’s about time I share part of this adventure with you!

From top left to bottom right: A park, major intersection, rock car in art district, small street corner, all in Beijing

Traveling to China, despite taking quite a long time between the flights and layovers, went well and was problem free. Daniel and I made our journey together, while Kevin was already in China getting ready for the shoot. Once we got in, Kevin along with a couple of friends (who’d help us with the shoot and our stay in China) were there to pick us up. We got settled in and took the next day getting a little tour of our neighborhood and discussing the next two weeks. Walking distance from where we stayed were these outdoor body weight workout machines and this indoor ping-pong area! Watching people play, I got invited to a few games and…well let’s just say in China they don’t mess with their ping-pong; best players I’ve ever seen in person. On a few occasions, Daniel and I took advantage of the machines as well.

Shooting was pretty relaxed for the most part. We had more than enough time to get everything in, reschedule a few days due to weather or other factors and do some tourist stuff! Not only was it a great experience shooting in a different country, but on top of that, I had scenes where I spoke broken Chinese (Mandarin to be specific, and yes, my character is a fast learner) to local Chinese people. Acting in a completely different language with someone who barely spoke English was fun! Another interesting thing is that Kevin would hire some actors just before the shoot. It happened at this film academy where actors would just hang out in an area, and wait for someone who needed people as extras or for small roles. The ones that ended up working with us were not only surprised, but pleased that they were acting for a foreign production with foreign actors!

Pictures from Summer Palace. Kevin took the shot of Daniel and I on the top right, while the other ones are two of many that I took walking around

So not only did we have a great time when we worked, shooting scenes all over Beijing thus exploring the city in the process, but Kevin also took us to places (just to visit) like Summer Palace and parts of the Great Wall! I think most of us have a general idea of what the Wall is about, but to be there, to see it, was completely different. Kind of like when I went to Egypt, seeing the temples and the Pyramids in person; looking at pictures and reading about them don’t do these justice. The same can be said about the Great Wall. You realize how difficult it must have been to build this when you’re standing on it, in the mountains. Some sections were so steep you felt like you were climbing, not just going up a flight of stairs. Then you think, people built that over thousands of kilometers, on uneven terrain, in the mountains (at least the parts I visited)… What an incredible feat. Oh and we filmed this one shot “fight scene” between Daniel and I, just for fun…which I hope to share with you once I get the footage.

Going back to the actual show, again, we shot parts of “Lost and Found in Beijing” in many different locations. From a beautiful park walking distance away (well, to Kevin everything under 5 kilometers was walking distance…okay…that might be a slight exaggeration), to an art district, small streets, types of alleyways, the exterior of a train station and a noodle shop; it was a great way to visit Beijing. We didn’t really have any problems with shooting anywhere (except a few hiccups at the park). Sometimes people gathered to watch, some asked questions, this one girl got really excited and wanted our pictures, and some…I asked to be in the shoot! There was a guy at one point who was watching us, curious about what we were doing… He proceeded to asking us few questions. Well, after giving him the answers he wanted, I asked HIM a question…if he wanted to be in the show! He responded very enthusiastically, so we got him riding his bike in the background going down the alley we were shooting in. Another instance a young girl was doing the same thing, being curious about what a bunch of foreigners were filming. So, as I knew we’d have to shoot this other scene eventually (which we didn’t have actors for yet), I asked if she’d be into playing a small speaking role after we finished with what we were shooting. Very happy to be a part of our project, she even helped us get another girl to play her friend, and after discussing what we needed from them, we had ourselves a scene! Kevin was pleased with this as it meant one less scene to worry about and no actors to hire.

The Great Wall of China. Kevin took the shots on the top left (cool shot of Daniel, and me in the background) and bottom right (just me), while the other ones are just two of many, many pictures I took

Speaking of walking, we did a lot of it. So much so that Kevin took us to a foot massage place…then a few days later to another one where they worked on our backs, legs and feet. However, the second place was done by people who were blind, or were visually impaired to a certain degree. It’s a very interesting choice of profession for them, and I’m under the impression that it’s encouraged in China. This kind of work really allowed them to use their heightened sense of touch which most of them have developed to a higher degree over the average person.

Another highlight of the trip was this restaurant which had a stage and an evening show. After going through most of our meal, the show began and it comprised of a hostess/signer, four dancers, a mask changing magician, a one woman contortionist/Cirque du Soleil style of show and a tea guy! The signer had a great voice, signing famous Chinese songs. The magician just did one thing; change his mask. But the way he did it, the speed of which he did it, was very impressive. It was almost like it changed on it’s own…has to be seen. The “bendy” girl moved in ways most people can’t even begin to attempt, balanced in ways you can see in troupes such as the one I mentioned previously; we were in awe. As for the tea guy, he had this teapot with an extra long spout that he spun around like it was a weapon in a martial arts film. He then went around a few tables and poured people tea. As I tried to figure out if you had to request this, or pay or whatever, he shows up at our table, performs us a short set of moves right in front of us, then pours me a cup! If that didn’t make me feel special enough, the dancing girls came into the crowd and one of them asked me to come dance with them on stage where I tried to keep up with their footwork. All and all a very fun and memorable evening!

Top left to bottom right, John (Kevin's friend who came to help) in an alley, Yundong (Kevin's friend who hosted us) and I at a restaurant, Daniel and I in a subway, me eating a sweat potato on the streets

Well, I tried to keep it short but there was so much to say and obviously so much was also left out. Overall, other than that getting some great footage, it was an awesome experience and opportunity to work in a foreign country like China. Flight back was long but problem free…and we even shot a scene in the plane (the script called for it, and we were able to pull it off)! Thanks to Kevin for flying us out and taking us on this adventure, his friend in China for accommodating us, and his other friend who came to help out!

Posted on: 23 Sep 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman