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Samy on the cover of Mistletoe Hero by Tanya MichaelsJust last Friday, I shot my second Harlequin cover, again with Robert Gagnon. Not only will I be wearing a nice tux, but I wasn’t alone as the shot also featured a young woman… and in the background is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge! This one should be available mid May, 2010. Once again, I had a good time working with Robert, the other model and the rest of the people involved. As for the picture on the right, it’s actually the cover from the last shoot back in April! The book is called “Mistletoe Hero” and is written by Tanya Michaels. Check out the Harlequin website to see a larger size of the cover and get more information on the book.

As for acting, I recently had a second audition (or a callback) for an ambitious short film shooting in Toronto. This is always good news as it means that you’ve made it to a short list of actors being considered for a role. Well, just today I’ve received the even better news that they are offering me the role! They also gave me great feedback on my audition. Looking forward to working on this project… more details to come!

Posted on: 02 Nov 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Last week I shot a print campaign for Twixrix, a vaccine to protect against contracting both hepatitis A and B. Everyone on set, from the people representing the product and ad agency to photographer Darrin Klimek and the crew were great to work! Had lots of fun during this one, and was even offered a ride back home (I had taken the subway to the job and one of the guys was headed to my area). Anyway, it should be released by the end of the year, in magazines, brochures and on the Internet. We went through a lot of pictures, angles, setups and different expressions that I can’t tell you exactly what to expect, but in all cases I play a chef, dressed in an all white chef’s outfit, complete with hat.

I also went back home (Ottawa-Gatineau area) for the Thanksgiving weekend, but it wasn’t all just pleasure. Well maybe it was, because the audition I had, along with the little photoshoot I took part of were both very enjoyable. First I auditioned for Parktown Productions‘ upcoming feature length film and was happy to see some familiar faces. You may know them as the producers of the Live 88.5 commercials (Bathroom, Stereo) and the Calvin Klein Grand Prize winning shot film “2@2“, both which I act in. Then I met up with Kevin McMillan (who I’ve also worked with before) to take some pictures for his promotional materials he’s putting together to get funding for his TV pilot that he wants to shoot in China! If this goes through, Kevin has offered me one of two lead roles.. which would be a blast to shoot. Combining acting and traveling.. awesome!

Other than that, I still audition on a regular basis and doing great! I actually just got news of a callback for a short film I auditioned for before the weekend. Will keep you updated as usual!

Posted on: 15 Oct 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy - by Sang NguyenSamy - by Sang NguyenIn the last month or so, I had three separate photoshoots. First, at the beginning of August, I shot with Sang Nguyen for the second time. We got along very well the first time and talked about shooting again in the future. Sang expressed his preference in shooting people with longer hair so we agreed that if I could grow it out for a bit, we’d shoot together again. These two shots are just some of the ones that came from it. Was great to see and hang out with Sang again!

Samy - by Paul CrivellariThen later that month, I yet again shot with my friends from Ottawa, Paul and Shalan Crivellari. The picture on the left came from the shoot, which I will be using as my main headshot! Actually, Paul and Shalan just moved to Toronto and recently launched their new website: I’d like to note that although, as you can see, they still do headshots, they’re getting more into fashion photography. Regardless of what kind of shots you’re looking for, if you’re in Toronto looking to be photographed, check out these newly arrived photographers! Such a great and talented couple!

Lastly, I shot with photographer David Wile. This was my first time working with him, and he had a bridal creative in mind. First he shot the woman playing the bride (named Amara, hope I didn’t misspell her name), then both of us together and finally single shots of me. This went very smoothly and I enjoyed working with David, Amara and the rest of the team! I’ve already looked at the pictures and they will soon be released.

Once again, one of the perks of working of this industry is that you’re constantly meeting new people but also have the chance to work with people you’ve already met and worked with before!

Posted on: 07 Sep 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just about a month ago, I got asked by the girls at B&M if I was willing to do a creative photoshoot with another model on the upcoming Saturday morning. Basically, Sang Nguyen, a Toronto based photographer, had an idea in mind and needed people to participate in his shoot. He was offering 2 free prints for our time. I was happy to agree. It’s always nice meeting and working with new people, not to mention getting some shots for free!

Samy - Photo by Sang NguyenSince it was a beautiful day, I biked over to Sang‘s studio. Once I got there I was greeted Sang at his door. Then I was surprised to see Kelly Foss inside which was also from B&M. We actually met at a casting when we happened to be sitting next to each other. She peaked over my comp cards and noticed we were in the same agency. We had started talking and she turned out to be a nice girl, was good to see her again. Sang also had a makeup artist along with a hair stylist working with him.

Samy and Kelly - Photo by Sang NguyenFirst we took some shoots inside his studio before driving down to the beach were we spent most of the time together. We all had an awesome time.. how could we not, working on the beach on a beautiful day with great people? Most of the shots were with Kelly and I together, but we were also photographed on our own. All in all, I was happy that Sang offered me the opportunity to work with him and had lots of fun with everyone involved!

I recently got the pictures from Sang. They were chosen by B&M to add to my portfolio. Make sure to check out the Pictures section to view larger versions of these shots! I’m really happy to have met and worked with Sang. He’s a great and talented guy!

Posted on: 09 Jul 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Before getting to the subject of this post, I actually just came back from helping some friends move to the city. I’ve talked about this couple before.. Paul and Shalan Crivellari! They intend to continue and expand their photography work here in Toronto. So if you’re in the area and need the services of a great pair of photographers, be sure to get in touch with them:

In the month of May, I had jobs involving FaceSeal Technologies (more specifically their Fitseal product) and George Brown College. Both were lots of fun and I had the chance to meet and work with great people! On top of that, I continue having regular auditions and castings.

Also, I’m finishing up my improvisation foundation classes at Bad Dog Theater. I’ve completed three levels, each having a weekly 3 hour class, lasting 7 to 8 weeks. Right now, I’m about half way through the 4th and final level of the foundation classes. If you’re an actor looking for more training or just want to have fun and meet people, I definitely recommend it! Most of my classes were taught by an awesome teacher, Alastair Forbes.

Finally, I continue to get small jobs, and doing occasional “live” modeling. This usually happens during meetings where certain companies have clients that want to see clothes being worn. Speaking of, I’ll be doing quite a few hours of it this week!

Posted on: 01 Jun 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just a week ago, I hosted the Great Canadian Mash Up which happened at Myth on the Danforth in Toronto. This event was put together by Centennial College students and was in support of a youth program in Toronto called The Remix Project. They help young people who aspire to start careers in the urban arts sector.

Samy hosting the Great Canadian Mash UpIt was a pleasure to host this event, and witness the performances by an amazing musical line up including Liya and Promise, The Styrofoam Ones, Carmela Antonio and a Remix Project graduate; Obie.

It was actually the first time I hosted an event, and had a great time doing it. The students were really happy with me and even gave me a thank you card and a few gifts! On top of that, Carmela gave me a copy of her first LP, which I insisted she sign. Her, along with all the other artists, gave such great performances. Make sure you check out the links provided for each artist, although the music on their website does not do justice to their live acts! Once again, I had a great time hosting this event and am thankful that I was able to be a part of it!

As for the modeling end, I attended a casting at Pi Media. It went really well, and I was told that they’d want to use regarding catalogue work for Sears, one of their biggest clients. Well, the following week, they had booked me for two days in a row, with more work to come! The people there are really friendly, easy going and a pleasure to work with!

Posted on: 22 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

First off, Yesterday’s post was in fact an April Fools. I’m still holding on to my acting career!

Actually, on Monday, photographer Robert Gagnon shot me for the cover of an upcoming Harlequin book. I forget the name of it, but know it should be released in October 2009. We shot two main looks for the character. First his handyman side (complete with tool belt) then with a more cowboy look to him (no tool belt, but a hat this time). It went great and everyone on set was pleasant. Hope to work with Robert and his team again!

If you were wondering about the Doritos Guru contest, my commercial entry didn’t make the top 5. However, I’m still very happy with how things went and the way the video turned out. I’m very thankful for everyone involved in this experience, and the support I had throughout this contest! Filmmaking is definitely something I want to continue to peruse. As for this video, you can now watch it on YouTube in HD!

Posted on: 02 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy - Photo by Paul CrivellariJust a few days ago, Paul Crivellari sent me a new photo that was taken the last time we worked together. Our main purpose for that photoshoot was to produce a new headshot for acting. Soon after getting some great pictures, we agreed to move on with another idea.

What you see on the left is another awesome shot that came out of the second half of the photoshoot. We were actually aiming for something a little different, and only got one picture of this pose. It was just thrown in between different ideas. In the end, sitting down together and looking at the shots, we all agreed it was one of the best ones! Again, I can’t say this enough about Paul and Shalan.. a great and talented couple!

Sara Lee website screenshotsAlso recently, I decided to look around the Sara Lee website to see if I could find some of the shots that we were taken back during the job I booked in May of 2007. We had taken shots for both a TV commercial and print/web usage. Here on the right, you can see two of the shots that we taken for the latter.

Actually, when I first saw the picture in the blue shirt, I wasn’t sure if that was me or just a guy who happened to look like me! I didn’t even remember wearing that shirt.. but as I kept going through, I caught the one in the red shirt. Only then was I sure it was me! I guess I’m not used to see myself smiling with a mouth full… That and I look so young in those. Anyway, I’ll keep my eye open for the TV commercial!

Posted on: 05 Dec 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Behind the scenes shot of Samy and Edith during the D'Italiano photoshootI’m happy to announce that I’ve booked my first job since moving to Toronto which was just shot today – a D’Italiano print campaign for a contest to win a Vespa Scooter. The ad will feature Edith Camirand and I on a Vespa (as seen in the behind the scenes pictures), and was shot by Avner Levona.

Picture of the computer screen displaying a raw shot of Samy and Edith during the D'Italiano photoshootI gotta start by saying everyone was great to work with! Avner and his team of assistants, the art director, wardrobe and make up artist, the clients and Edith were all easy going and professional. I even had the chance to reminisce about my trip to Taiwan, since the make up artist grew up there! All in all, I had a good time, and met a lot of great people, which I hope to see and work with in the future. Some are also interested, and/or working in film and TV as well, so I’ll have even better chances to run into them again!

Now going back to just a couple of days ago, I was interviewed by Sara Koonar and her friend Jill, for a school project in their Journalism program. Conducted in my Toronto apartment, they asked me about my role as the lead male in 2@2. Sara’s actually a friend of mine, who I met years ago back home in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. She has also moved to Toronto to further her career! Anyway, I had fun and was happy and flattered to be the subject of their interview! I’ll make sure to provide a link if it ends up online!

Posted on: 13 Nov 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

Once again I’ve gone a long time without any updates. Well, this is because I’ve decided to move to Toronto at the beginning of this month! I’ll do my best to summarize most of what has happened since.

The first thing I had to do was find a place to live. Once I did that, I moved and took a few days to settle in. From that point, I started my search for a talent agent. I had already went over a list with a friend back home. So when I was finished with the move to Toronto, I submitted my photo and resume to some of those agencies via email. Shortly after, I found out that most agencies prefer a hard copy submission. So, I decided to print some pictures and resumes, then deliver them as I biked around town.

After this, I started getting some responses from agencies. Either they were interested, or their roster was full and weren’t actively expanding. As these were coming in, I had secured an audition for a upcoming TV game show called “ManUP!”. Also, Jamal Hashemi drove from Ottawa to shoot a short video. Also involved, Umid and Nawid Orokzai, two brothers from Toronto who I met on Jamal’s last project, “Under the Influence”. We met together to discuss the project, then shot it the next day.

Getting back to my agent search, from the interested agencies/agents, I was very happy with Teri Boyack from Hines Management. When I sat down with her, I realized she was everything I was looking for in an agent.. and more. We had a really good rapport and by the end of our meeting, I knew who I wanted to work with! So on Friday, I made it official and signed with Hines Management. Even to this day, I’m still getting contracted by other agencies who I’ve submitted to, expressing their interest in meeting with me. This is because some of these agencies get hundreds of submissions in a short amount of time, and take a while to get back to the talent. Regardless of that, I feel I made a great decision by signing with Teri, and I’m grateful for having her as my agent!

I also attended an acting workshop on the 18th, which featured Toronto casting directors Crystal Kramer and Lori Pearlstein. Not only did I get a refresher on things I knew already, but I also learned a lot, worked with some nice people and had a great time. Crystal and Lori did a great job and it was nice meeting them along with the other actors!

More recently, I started auditioning again (thanks Teri), which I’m very happy about! As for the ManUP! audition, I was contacted to be a contestant! Actually, the episode I was in was just taped on Saturday. Basically, I competed against two other guys (Mike and Konrad) in a series of challenges, as well as some trivia questions. It wasn’t really about the points, but more about the comedic and fun aspect of the program. In the end, the guys at RedFish Entertainment, the production company behind ManUP!, put together a fun show for us, and were very appreciative with our participation. This was my first experience as a game show contestant, which turned out to be really fun. Plus, I didn’t leave empty handed! I’m not saying who “won the show”, but there were prizes for each challenge. A big thanks to the guys who put this together!

Samy - Photo by Samy OsmanAs if there wasn’t enough to read already, I put together another self-shot and self-edited picture of myself. This one, shows a more serious side of myself, and also serves an alternative look to my head shot, as I have a beard in this one. In addition, just last week I signed up for a martial arts class! Without mentioning who the master is, I will say that he used to work in film, with stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, back in the 70s and 80s. He has long retired from the film scene, and now teaches in his school here in Toronto. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing teacher, who despite almost being in his seventies, is extremely capable and young at heart! Did I mention hilarious? Well that too.

Posted on: 28 Oct 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman