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Yeah, I know…it’s been a month since the last time I wrote anything. I didn’t even talk about my last two days on set of “Clean Break” either… Well, time to catch up!

The last few days were great, just like the rest of the time I had on set. The only exception is that it all came to an end. Had days from 12 to 15 hours, shorter if I was only be needed for part of a day, for two and a half weeks with weekends off. That’s a lot of time to spend with the same core group of people. So on our final day, we all said our goodbyes, or rather see you later, had kind of a group huddle where a few speeches were made and cake was served. I volunteered to cut the cake after the first stroke was made by the director and female lead actor.

It was bittersweet as a lot of us grew fond of working together, while we all felt like we accomplished something great. A few of us even gathered around a computer as we looked at a few stills… Let me tell you they looked amazing! Really look forward to seeing this edited and all put together. I really think it’ll turn out to be a great film, especially for an independent production.

Samy on the cover of Meddling with a Millionaire by Cat Schield

Since we finished, I had a bit of a break followed by a few of jobs here and there. Mostly corporate stuff…and today, you guessed it, another Harlequin book cover! The one you see here is actually something that was shot back in February. This is Meddling with a Millionaire by Cat Schield. It was my first time working with photographer Michael Alberstat and his team; went very smoothly!

Posted on: 31 May 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy on the cover of "AK-Cowboy"Well, at least so far! This year, I’ve averaged more than a cover a month, just having shot the 4th of 2011 yesterday, now making it 9 books under my belt. Just like every book this year, it was shot by photographer Robert Goshgarian who is always a pleasure to work with. You gotta also give credit to his team and the art directors for making it a great experience.

Speaking of, one of the covers I did with them has just been released! Check out cover number 5 called AK-Cowboy written by Joanna Wayne.

Posted on: 09 Mar 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

First off, check out this video before you read on. You’ll see why…

What could we possibly be talking about? Can it really be what most people are thinking as they watch the video? Well hopefully you’ve seen it by now so I don’t “spoil” it. It’s actually Contiki Canada’s newest online video campaign. What we’re talking about is going on a trip with Contiki! That’s what we’ve done, and have done with “a whole bunch of people” as they specialize in creating travel experiences for groups of people.

This was directed by my friend Trevor Francis who I’ve gotten to know after working with him on the Corel video as well as a Much Music commercial. What’s great about the rapport we share is that he also sees me as a creative person, which makes him open to ideas that I have. It’s such a blessing to work with a director like that… And, as a result of this, the line I deliver in the video was a suggestion I had, which ended up working pretty well!

As for Harlequin news, I was shot in two new book covers…which now brings my total to 8! Once again, I worked with Robert Goshgarian and I really hope to continue to work with him and his team at the rate I’ve been so far this year. It’s always a great time and good seeing those guys again!

Posted on: 22 Feb 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy on the cover of Caught Off GuardOn my way back from the holidays, I got a call offering me another Harlequin book cover shoot! Well, it just happened yesterday and it went great as usual. Once again, I worked with Robert Goshgarian and his team. It was good to see them all again. Now I’m up to 6 covers!

Well, I can’t just talk about a new cover without showing you one of the books that has been recently released! That’s right, my 4th one is out and is called Caught Off Guard by Kira Sinclair, which is displayed on the left.

Posted on: 08 Jan 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Already? Another year over…and what a great one! Highlights include appearing in episodes of Flashpoint and Mayday, a role in the opening of a movie of the week called The Last Jinn, cool commercial projects such as the one we did for Carnival Cruise (getting paid to go on a Cruise, nice!) and a funny Dentyne Internet video skit, lead roles in multiple TV pilots, directing my first short film which I titled Forsaken, a supporting lead role in an Ottawa feature, few Harlequin cover appearances (those are always fun) and much more, in and outside of the film/TV/modeling world! I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to, but at the same time, enjoying the day to day journey.

Now to talk about a few things I haven’t even mentioned yet! Check out this picture, it’s a still from William Barber’s latest reel.

Still shot of Samy from Will's Demo Reel
One of the projects showcased is his BMW Soul Spec ad. Once post production on the commercial is completed, I’ll be happy to put it up here. It’s a pretty cool concept and I look forward to sharing it!

Since coming back from the cruise, I was involved in a web ad for Contiki where I worked with Trevor Francis again, for the third time. He actually brought up the fact that every time I auditioned for one of his project, I was offered a job! Speaking of commercials, I volunteered in a 3D PSA (public service announcement) for WildAid which was a blast to shoot and the first 3D project I’ve been involved in. I also made an appearance in a few corporate videos, did some voiceover work and had modeling jobs here and there. Got some new shots as well (I’ve put three new photos in the Pictures section)!

Unfortunately, without going into details, something happened in the end of November which prevented me from doing on camera work and auditions. Thankfully, all is well now and I will make up for lost work in the new year! Speaking of, in January or February, we plan to shoot the first episode of a web show in which I would play the main character. I don’t want to give away too much right now, but I’ve been working on the creative end (co-creating the show, writing the first episode, etc.) which has been very exciting. On that note, I wish you all the best in the new year! Happy 2011!

Posted on: 31 Dec 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

The last few weeks have been really great for me! I’m gonna try to write about it all, but keeping it short for each job. Today, I’m writing about the modeling work… Stay tuned for an acting update!

I recently participated in two “portfolio” photoshoots. A test shoot with a photographer that I’ve never worked before, along with a creative with Sang Nguyen again. I’ll write more information about those as I get the picturesSamy on the cover of The Spy Who Saved Christmas (so you get some nice visuals), so be sure to check back. Both went great by the way!

Also, I will be featured on a 5th Harlequin cover. I’ll be sure to post a picture when it comes out! But for now, you can check out my 3rd Cover, The Spy Who Saved Christmas by Dana Marton. You read that right, “The Spy Who Saved Christmas”. And yep, those are my character’s twin sons!

Last but not least, I participated in Moores’ Canadian Suit Drive. It was an event with a good cause, accepting used clothing donations for people with low/no income, wanting to get back into the workplace. As an incentive, they were offering 25% your next suit purchase with your clothing donation. I should of wrote about this earlier though, as it went on during the month of September.

Again, I’ll will be writing about some exciting acting update soon… If you want a “sneak peak” at what that might be, check out my Twitter updates!

Posted on: 21 Sep 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

This week I got to play a broker on a TV commercial for the Insurance Broker Association of Canada (IBAC). It was a really easy shoot, and didn’t take long for them to shoot my scene. Basically I pretended to talk on the phone, checking out some documents. Then we did a variations where I mostly listened to the imaginary client. When the commercial comes out, watch out for me wearing a light blue shirt and sitting at a desk!

Samy during a Tim Horton's ShootNext, I participated in a Tim Horton’s photoshoot. I initially thought it was a print ad, but they said they’re going to be using it internally, so only employees of the company will see it. You never know though, I was involved in a group picture which may well be used publicly in the future! For now, check out the picture of me on the left, in a Tim Horton’s employee uniform. The best part is that we did this in an actual Tim Horton’s, and before I met all the other models, I wasn’t sure who was an employee and who hired to be a part of the shoot!

Posted on: 24 Jul 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

Haven’t written in a while but can you blame me? We’re having such a great summer this year that I kept delaying writing a new entry! Been having auditions here and there, trying to plan a few of my own projects and had a few photoshoots.

Samy, shot by David WildeActually, just last weekend, I had a photoshoot with David Wile. I had done a few creatives and editorials with him in the past, and since I needed some new shots, he was happy to set up a shoot with me. I added a few of those in the picture section and one in this post. It was the 4th time working with him and it went great as usual!

Just over a week ago, I worked with Robert Goshgarian on a 4th Harlequin book cover! This one is going to be called “Caught Off Guard”, written by Kira Sinclair. It will feature me in a tux (with or without jacket) with a young lady on balcony during a snowy night. The shoot went great, everyone was easy to work with and they even asked me to stay for lunch. We had some great Indian food!

What’s coming up? Well I’ve booked a TV Commercial and a Print Ad! Both of these will be shooting next week. What I’ll say for now is that the print job is for a very well known Canadian company! As for the TV ad, you’ll have to wait for next week for that one!

Posted on: 16 Jul 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

It’s the nature of the business. You do something, but usually only get to see and share it months later! Well now’s the time to show you a few things…

Samy on the cover of Bachelor's Bought BrideFirst of all, the cover of a new Harlequin book. This one is called Bachelor’s Bought Bride, and is written by Jennifer Lewis. Wearing a spiffy suit, a woman in my arms and overlooking the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, I must say it’s my favorite cover so far. Okay, well I’ve only done one before that. I do have a third coming up which is gonna be pretty cool too (hint: I’ll be holding twin babies)! Going back to this one, you can click on the picture to see a larger version of it AND if you’re into these books, check it out and potentially buy it here!

Next is a picture for Timberland. I believe that this will only be used in catalogs, in store, etc. so unless you own a business that orders from Timberland, you might only be able to see it here!

Samy cleaning a truck wearing Timberland shoes

Last but certainly not least…actually maybe in this case it’s actually the best for last! Remember the feature film that was shot in Ottawa, where I play the supporting lead character Brian? Well a teaser trailer has been put together for it. Check out the “Day Four” trailer here!

Posted on: 19 May 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy as "Mike" on set of FlashpointThings have been going good for me recently…the highlight would have to be being cast in an episode of Flashpoint! That’s right, I played a “bad guy” named Mike, and got to be a part of some fun action sequences! Did I get to shoot a gun? Yep, a real one, but with blank bullets. The one featured in the picture on the left isn’t the one used, that one is fake. You’re gonna have to watch the episode to see the real one!

It was one of the biggest sets I’ve been on so far, in terms of sheer amount of people and organization involved. So much happens behind the scenes of a day (out of usually seven) of shooting an episode for this show. It was great being a part of it (I had three days on set: March 5th, 8th and 9th).

Directing the episode (named “The Other Lane”) was a funny and passionate Erik Canuel. As a part of the arms dealers, I played alongside Ian Tracey, Colin Cunningham, Stefano DiMatteo and Jeff Parazzo. As for interacting with the good guys (the “SRU” team as they’re known in the show), I ended up having a confrontation with Amy Jo Johnson and David Paetkau (not in real life, but in the episode of course)!

Everyone was a pleasure to hang out and work with. We had some long days and nights, but in the end I was doing something that I really enjoyed. Since I had a small part, I mostly had free time on set, so I caught up on some reading, etc. It was kind of like waiting for a awesome roller-coaster ride… In the end, when you get your time in front of the camera, it was all worth it. Actually…okay I had more on set time than it may seem, but the analogy still stands. I had a blast! Speaking of, check out these videos of Colin performing some cool magic tricks with forks!

Although exciting, those awesome three days weren’t all that I’ve done since the last time I wrote an update. I had an amazing time shooting an internet video (coming soon) for Dentyne, had a role in a film like training video, played a part in other corporate videos and events, had a few voice-over jobs, and landed some print work! As I had mentioned before, the last few weeks have been good!

Posted on: 15 Mar 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman