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I made a new short film and just released it last month! Overcover is a buddy-cop, action-comedy film, following two undercover officers during an operation that doesn’t quite go as planned…because SOMEONE over-acted their role. Clocks in at 7 minutes with credits (including a scene after said credits). Check it out here!

Shot over the span of a day last summer and screened at the Reelworld Film Festival at the end of October (with a really enthusiastic response from the audience), Overcover was my most ambitious short film yet. I’ve never made a film with this amount of people involved in front and behind the camera, never put this much time in making a film and couldn’t have done it without the amazing team we put together. It’s got choreographed fights, visual effects, original music, was shot on an Arri Alexa and we got an amazing location! Check out the film’s page for a full list of credits if you’re curious!

My updates are infrequent, so as per usual, I’ll stick to some highlights! I’m really happy with my growth as an actor (and human being) lately and excited to keep that going; taking more classes than ever and recently completed Second City‘s Improv for Actors program. I’ve also had opportunities to audition for some exciting projects and booked a part on Handmaid’s Tale!

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Speaking of acting parts, I’ve landed roles in a few independent projects as well. One of which I’ve received a few stills from, with permission to share. See below!

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Commercial work has been coming in as well, so you may have caught me on TV or online in one of those. That, and maybe a few more book covers? I had the chance to work on several more. Always a good time!

Finally, if you’re in the industry, you may be familiar with the prestigious Canadian Film Center (CFC). I ended up working with them as an actor to create a teaser/pitch for one of their writer’s concept. Watch it here!

Until next time, feel free to keep an eye on my social media accounts for announcements and such!

Posted on: 22 Feb 2020
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First and foremost, I’d like to share my newest film! It’s a short, three minute comedic sketch called Pogonophilia (don’t worry I didn’t know what that meant until recently). Check it out below!

I had an idea and a limited amount of time to execute. With no budget, I grabbed my camera, got another actor friend involved and the two of us made the short. We were both cast and crew, recorded each others performances and made the most out of a very small team and limited equipment. Response has been pretty great so far on Facebook!

Otherwise, between now and the last update, lots has happened! Newborn has done very well in the festival circuit, aired on CBC Toronto and will air again on CBC, in all of Canada, on September 8th at 7pm Eastern as part of the 2018 Short Film Face Off! Check it out on TV if you live in Canada, or online for free at


Speaking of shorts, I’ve been cast on a few more since the last update, and recently was involved in a film called Picking Things Up by actor friend Phi Huynh. I actually had fight scene with my friend who started in and produced the film. Was really fun to work together and choreograph the sequence! As for other films, I happened to play cop type roles in a few different ones. Here’s a shot from one of them, called Residue.


I’ve also booked a few commercials and print jobs that you may have seen me in (especially if you’re in Canada), or will soon, a few more Harlequin book covers and was even a guest on a podcast! Had some pretty cool auditions, some I can’t talk about but may lead to something exciting (!) and was even sent to network by the director/producer for a series regular character on a new comedy! I was one of two people selected, but at the end they went with the other actor. Even if I didn’t get it, it was so fun working on the role, had a blast in the audition room and got really close, so I’m happy! Also, my friend Simu Liu, known as Jung from Kim’s Convenience, asked me to play a role in his video pitch for a new series called “Silver” which you can watch below!

Lastly, some changes. I’ve recently acquired a new talent agent: Amanda Rosenthal at Amanda Rosenthal Talent! Her and her hard working team have already begun getting me some auditions that might lead to some pretty cool opportunities! Also, new headshots! Actor, photographer and cinematographer friend John Bregar has captured some pretty new pictures of me. Take a look!


That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the short if you had a chance to watch it and that you can catch Newborn on September 8th!

Posted on: 04 Sep 2018
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If you’ve been visiting my site you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been updating it much. I’m mostly sharing things here and there through social media. Well, at least for today, that’s gonna change! A lot’s been going on since so I’ll try and stick to covering a few highlights.

Since the last update, I’ve had great times working with friends on independent projects and have plans to work on more soon, and possibly on a webseries as well! Intentionally keeping this vague as I’m not the biggest fan of talking about things before I get in front of the camera.

Speaking of indies, I’ve also made new friends working on films I’ve booked. I played the lead in one called “Newborn“. Although I can’t say much about it as it’s not yet released, I can say its message is very relevant for our times. Also, I can share this still from it!


Halfway through last year’s summer I got my full motorcycle license along with my own bike! I’ve really been loving riding, and I’m so glad I decided to go for it and get one. Not only is it more efficient in terms of space you take up on the road, gas economy, free street parking here in Toronto, but it’s just so much fun.


Also it’s a great way to practice being present and in the moment. No distractions like a radio, GPS navigation, your phone (hands free calls only of course)… I mean, you can set those things up, but I haven’t and sort of like it that way. It’s more of a focused experience, which can really tie into acting actually.

Back in April of this year, I posted this video which got such a strong response from my friends. I don’t really want to give anything away in case you haven’t seen it yet…and because it would ruin the point of it. So here it is if you’re interested in checking it out!

Another film I worked on was a Canadian-European feature film shot in Montreal called “The Perfect Kiss” in which I play a supporting role, specifically the love interest of the lead and it should be in theaters around this Christmas/holiday season.


Did I say it was a romantic comedy? I was laughing at some funny and sometimes quite clever moments when reading the script…and really look forward to seeing how it all turns out!

Although working on set is a great blessing, I’ve come to a have a certain mindset regarding my career; above getting parts, above getting auditions, I want to just do my thing and get better. Whether working on scenes in or out of class, helping people with their scenes and self tapes, or any other acting related work, I’m content, without having to be on set. Of course when that happens, great! However, it’s the work itself, whether or not I’m getting paid, and the growth, that I’m interested in the most.

Speaking of, somewhat recently, LB Acting Studio, where I’ve been studying non-stop for the last few years, shared some work I did in class. Check out the scenes below if you’re curious!

We also recently celebrated my acting coach Lewis Baumander’s 45 years in the business! I’m so grateful to have him as a mentor in my life. He’s turned out to be so much more than an acting teacher to me.


Well, there’s definitely a lot that I left out but I wanted to at least take the time to share and reflect on a few things. I’ll keep up with the occasional updates on social media for now and thanks for the interest in my career!

Posted on: 01 Jul 2017
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It’s been awhile since I last updated my site, but not to worry; I’ve been keeping busy! I’m actually days away from moving, which is quite the process (just finding a place to my liking has been pretty time consuming). The reason for this? They’re shooting an episode of “Holmes on Homes” in the house I currently live in, which means Mike Holmes and his team are going to renovate it. They already came by to shoot the per-renovations segments with the homeowners, and I made a little cameo…which will be my first time on a reality TV show if I’m not mistaken.

Why am I moving because of this? Well, since the house needs to be empty in order for them to work on it, I decided to move out and try something new. The alternative is to put my stuff in storage, find short term accommodations (could be up to two months) and move back in. Instead, I figured I should try and experience life in an apartment building. Except for a few weeks/months here and there overseas, I’ve always lived in a house…and in this case, a self contained apartment on a level of a home. It’s bittersweet as I’m really happy for the family, being on the show and getting their house fixed up…but having been here for almost three and a half years, we’ve become friends and it’s not going to be the same without them. To be honest, I never saw them as my landlords but always as my neighbors and friends.

Now was is this “BMW spec ad” I mentioned in the title? Well, a while ago…actually back in October of 2010, William Barber shot a video with a very interesting concept. One, that he had told me about years ago when we were both living in the Ottawa area; I had been looking forward to being a part of it ever since. I actually briefly talked about it here but only yesterday when I worked with Will again on yet another spec ad, did I ask him about the BMW video. He told me it’s been up on YouTube for almost a year now…and has over half a million views as I write this! Check it out here or just above this paragraph.

So other than video I acted in yesterday (all I’ll say for now is that it involves feathers and slow motion), since the last update I’ve worked on mostly corporate and advertising work. I’ve also been offered a lead role in a short film which I unfortunately had to turn down due to scheduling conflicts. However, I do have another upcoming lead role in yet another short which I look forward to shooting. That and we’re planning to finish up Kevin McMillan‘s TV pilot “Lost and Found in Beijing” my with co-star Daniel Lavigne. Finally, I’m almost ready to start putting together my new website and working on some of my own projects and collaborations…but that will all have to wait until after I get settled into my new place!

Posted on: 04 Mar 2012
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After coming back to Toronto from the holidays spent back home, I got straight to working on getting this short comedic film done. I had already written the script and built my team of cast and crew members towards the end of last year; it was just a matter of setting a date to shoot it and going through final preparations.

Well we did! Just over a week ago…we spent two days to shoot the film and everyday between the end of the shoot and the release of the video, I’ve been working on it (mostly editing and other post production tasks). Working on it all day, day after day…but it’s finally ready! Check out the Friendship Upgrade video page for more information about it including who was involved in making this possible. Hope you enjoy it and a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help me make this happen!

Also, feel free to share it and like/favorite/leave a comment on the YouTube page if you think it’s worthy of any of those! If that’s the case, then why not subscribe to my channel so you’ll know when I upload new videos!

Posted on: 16 Jan 2012
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It’s always hard to believe at the end of a year, that yet another one has gone by. While I don’t think we should need a specific day to reflect on what has passed, or to set new goals, it’s kind of a good excuse to do so!

Let’s begin with the end. While I like to take the opportunity to go back home for the holidays, this year I had to postpone it by a few days…for a good reason.Plato setting up the rig at Fast Motion StudiosI landed a job that involved some “wire work”. What I mean by that is I had to be suspended in the air! It was shot at Fast Motion Studios where Plato Fountidakis and his team set up and managed the rig, working with the camera crew to put this thing together. It was shot on a blue screen (same idea a green screen) and the concept involves us flying in the air. I can’t go into details until it’s released, but I can tell you it was a great experience being there working with everyone involved!

Not only did my year end well, but I had a lot of great gigs throughout. Being a lead on a feature film, shooting for two and a half weeks and making great friends in the process was definitely a highlight. Also, I landed a lead role on a TV show episode (that “killer” role on Cold Blood I recently wrote about). Not to mention that this year, I did more Harlequin covers than any other. It’s also the first time I openly talked about my diet choice to avoid meat and meat by-products, why those choices were made and how I’ve still been able to put on some muscle weight without any problems. Another memorable experience is the TV pilot that we shot in China! Traveling, seeing a country for the first time and getting to do what I love, being a lead in a show, working with some great people? Pretty awesome! Even the commercial and corporate work have been great! Not to mention, the awesome audition opportunities (even if I don’t always get the part), multiple callbacks, getting my motorcycle license with a friend (who I’ve met being in this industry and has directed a few projects I’ve been involved in) and so many other great experiences this year.

What about 2012? Well, I’ve been working on this comedic skit that I should be shooting at the end of the first week of the New Year! It’s going to be my third production where I’ll once again be wearingHappy Holidays! December 2011the hats of director, producer, writer, editor, etc. I’m thankful to have a really solid team on board; I’m really excited about it! Other than some other plans and goals, the great part of doing what I do is that I don’t know what opportunities will present themselves (or ones that I’ll find/create/collaborate on), but I’m really excited about the possibilities! Life is beautiful…and for me, part of that beauty is the unknown. Wish you all the best holidays and may this new year bring you lots of love, health and happiness!

Posted on: 25 Dec 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Today, I write an entry that doesn’t really have much to do with my acting career but I feel it’s really worth sharing. It has to do with almost completely giving up meat and anything that comes from an animal.

Picture of a little squirrel I took back in 2008

I used a shot of a squirrel because I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of a cow, chicken or any animals commonly raised for meat. Although some people will hunt and eat this little guy (or girl), at least they’re not subject to factory farming…as far as I know!

I used to eat meat at least once a day; usually at dinner. Sometimes for lunch, sometimes as a snack, sometimes in the morning. I never really thought much about it. To me, a day wasn’t complete without a portion of meat. Well, people can change…and change they do.

For what I would estimate to be about two years now, I’ve been eating a mostly vegan, plant based, whole foods diet. What does that mean exactly? Well I avoid all meats, including fish. I also avoid anything that comes from an animal including milk (as well as milk products like yogurt and cheese) and eggs. Not only that, I stay away from processed food, especially the ones that contain only elements of food (i.e. “white” or refined sugar which usually comes from sugarcane). Basically I try to eat stuff that nature gave us, in its unaltered state and mostly eat things raw. So my diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, etc. I also sprout some things like mung beans, instead of cooking them.

Now, one thing I still consume on a regular basis, that may not be considered vegan, is honey. Otherwise, I very rarely have anything that’s animal based. In fact, since I came back from China (wasn’t always easy to stick to the diet, especially with the language barrier) in early September, I’ve been eating completely vegan (except for honey). That was less than three months ago…and guess what? I put on over ten pounds of muscle. Wait, what? How can you not eat meat and build muscle? Where do you get your protein? Well, there’s gotta be a way if I’m putting on muscle!

I’ve always stayed in shape since my college days. However, after leaving my full time job as a software developer, I stopped going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. So I lost some muscle, but always stayed fit and maintained an athletic, toned and strong body. I had switched to more body weight, “cross fit” types of functional strength workouts. Well, recently I’ve gotten myself some adjustable dumbbells and a bench. These and the equipment I already had for years, including my chin-up bar, handles hanging from it and a couple of weight vests, I was determined to put back on some muscle. Why? A few reasons… I wanted to show people that you don’t need animal protein to bulk up. I also want to be someone who people will want to consider for some cool action based roles. Plus, I don’t mind being stronger…I have this goal of one day being able to pull off a one handed chin-up. Maybe by the time I’m 30?

So with the dumbbells I was able to do more in terms of weight training. Still, my progress was slow. I was told I should probably eat more, but I wanted to see if I could still gain some strength and muscle without going crazy with food. This was kind of an experiment to me as I don’t want to eat more than I have to. Well, finally I decided to squeeze in a bit more food in my diet, and specific foods like yams for example. Well, it seemed to have worked. I feel I’m eating a good amount, without under or over-eating. I’m also going with how hungry I am, not really having a fixed eating schedule. The thing is, I have (at least I think I have) good self control. So even if I’m a bit hungry, I can go on without food for awhile… That decision to eat more was more of a decision to not allow myself to be hungry; at least not for too long. However, I’m glad I went through this as it was a great learning experience.

Now back to the popular “where do you get your protein” question. It’s really what people ask me the most when I tell them about how I eat. Well the thing is, there’s protein in a lot of things. Did you know apples, bananas, carrots, tomatoes all have protein? That pretty much all fruits and vegetables have protein? They sure do. Of course, some more than others, and the fruits and veggies I listed usually aren’t a hugely significant source, but it’s there. However, you can easily find foods that are higher in protein that those, such as nuts, seeds, grains, beans and other legumes; all great sources.

But why, why give up meat? Well, I started being exposed to some books, studies and documentaries and partway through this one book, I cut out meat cold turkey (ha!). I had chicken that I marinated, which was ready to eat, but instead I left it in the freezer and had my first vegan day. Now there have been times since then that I’ve had meat, but in the last two years, I can count those times on my hands. From eating meat over 400 times a year, to probably under 10 times in two years is a big change. You might expect me to have felt weak, ill, etc. but it was actually the opposite. I don’t get sick anymore…the closest I get is the start of something which never goes anywhere and is usually gone the next day. I didn’t just give up meat, I did my research and replaced it with the proper foods and made sure I got all I needed. But the question still remains…why?

Well, a few reasons, that you could sum up under health reasons; personal health, the health of animals, the health of the planet (if that makes sense). It’s my understanding based on what I’ve read/listened to that we, as North Americans, eat too much meat. It’s a source of a lot of health problems, notably heart related issues (leading cause of death over here). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that places where the population consume a lot of meat and animal products are also places where people have more heart issues. And this is just one health problem, albeit a major one. What about cancer, any similar correlation? Don’t worry, I’m going to list a bunch of sources at the end so you can read up on this too…plus you’ll see where I got my information and make your own decision on what you read/watch/listen to.

What about the health of animals? The incredibly high and unnatural (in my opinion) demand for meat has created “factory farming”, unnatural conditions for animals to live in. Of course, there are alternatives. You can get your meat from farmers that treat their animals well, feed them well, don’t inject them with growth hormones, etc. If we can keep the demand low, and not eat meat as often, then that could be a solution. However, if the demand stays, and we all want to switch to “organically grown” meats…well it’s just not possible. The reason factory farming exists is because the demand for meat is so high that it transformed the way we raise animals for food into what it is today.

Now as for our planet, did you know that livestock is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all of transportation combined? And that’s just one of many issues. We use so many more resources to raise one pound of chicken, beef, porc, etc. than one pound of any fruit or vegetable. Instead of growing food to raise these animals so we can eat them as food, we could instead grow food for ourselves to eat, and not have to grow as much. We’d need less land, less water, and less resources to feed more people. This is not just some conspiracy theory; there’s a United Nations report which talks about the impact of the livestock sector.

Not only have I only skimmed the surface here, that was a lot of talk without a lot of backing up….it’s best to see for yourself, make your own research, your own decisions and conclusions. So where did I get my information? Well, here’s an incomplete but good starting list for those interested: The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Whole Foods to Thrive by Brendan Brazier, Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, Home (free to watch), and finally that United Nations report I told you about called Livestock’s Long Shadow (full report here). There are also a few documentaries that I’m planing on watching in the near future, including Earthlings (free to watch) and Planeat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in these bodies of work, which is why I stress doing your own research outside of this and making up your own mind as well.

Of course, animals eat other animals. It’s natural and it’s part of the cycle of life. However, there’s a huge difference between hunting an animal that lived its life in the wild, the way it was meant to…and factory farming. One allows the animal to roam free, to eat what it should eat, to live a natural life…while the other is the complete opposite. I’m not saying let’s all start hunting…but what I’m trying to say is the fact that animals do eat other animals doesn’t excuse subjecting them to horrible, unnatural conditions. I think it’s…interesting that some people will criticize hunters but eat meat that was factory farmed. Another point I’d like to make, for those who don’t want to watch documentaries showing the mistreatment of animals (as they don’t want to actually see the animals suffering) but continue to eat them…well ignorance is not bliss. Please take a look at what you might be supporting and allowing to happen.

If you’re a God fearing person, or someone who believes in Karma, or even living with the mentality of “you get what you give”, “what comes around goes around”, “you reap what you sow”…then you’d agree that we should treat each other well if we want that in return. What about the animals? Don’t they count? Our high demand for meat is big reason of why so many of them suffer and live their lives in horrible conditions…and thus why we all suffer. Our health and the state of our planet suffers. Instead, it’d be great if we could be good to each other, and include animals, our environment and surroundings in that statement. Despite my own personal choices, I’m not saying we should all stop eating other animals…but I’m hoping we at least try and reduce our consumption to the point where they can live a happier, more natural life…so we can all benefit.

Posted on: 30 Nov 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

I’ve recently released my first short film: Forsaken. This is the one I talked about back in mid/late January, when I had first shot it. Well it’s now complete, and I’m ready to share it with you! This film shows a side of me you are definitely not used to seeing, and may actually be hard to watch. You’ve been warned!

I’ve already received positive feedback from friends and family who’ve I showed this to prior releasing it. In addition, I posted on a private forum where people have also given me great feedback. I’m really happy that I’ve finally shot a short film, and it’s something I’d love to do again in the future. Again, this was something very different for me, kind of a way to show that despite being a very happy and positive person, I feel I can play the complete opposite. You be the judge!

Posted on: 09 Apr 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

Early stills from my first short film, from the footage recorded by Paul Crivellari

Before this past Wednesday, I had only directed one thing: a commercial, thirty seconds long, which I called Doritos® Intense: Snack Guru. It my submission to a contest which had a very attractive cash prize and I had been wanting to direct something for a while (you can read more about it here). Well, that’s all changed; I now have a short film shot and ready for editing! Above are early stills from the footage, that may or may not make the final cut.

Monday evening, I got news of a job happening Thursday morning, which required me to be clean shaven. At this point, I had quite the beard. In the feature Day Four, I was asked to grow a unkept, untrimmed beard, not shaving any part of it off. Well I have to admit, I was a little attached, and kept it since I got back from shooting in Ottawa. It went on growing of course, and to my recollection, it ended up being the most hair I’ve ever had on my face.

I didn’t want to let it “go to waste”. I thought, what could I do, that would involve me shaving it off in a short film? Ideas came to me, and finally narrowed it down to one. With such little time, I quickly made all the preparations needed and found someone to shoot it. Paul and Shalan Crivellari came through. Although fashion photographers, Paul used to shoot video and later decided to get into still images. His great eye carried through to photography (and very well I might add, see for yourself) and they’re doing great here in Toronto. However, since his high end photography camera also takes HD video footage, he was able to do this for me.

Not only did I shave my beard off in the film, I used this opportunity to show a side of me that almost nobody has ever seen; a side that I haven’t really been required to show in my short four and half year acting career. Well, at least not close to the extent seen in this film. I’m really happy and grateful (thanks so much Paul and Shalan) to have had the chance to once again, experience the amazing feeling of creating my own work. And this will be ongoing as I will be editing it over my free time, and hopefully have original music composed (as I want this film to be silent in terms of sound). I will be releasing it here when it’s complete!

Posted on: 22 Jan 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

Snack Guru - by Samy OsmanWatch: YouTube[HD] (30 seconds)

Well maybe not just “directorial”.. I produced, directed, wrote, shot, edited, cast, etc. my very first project this past weekend! Couldn’t of done with without everyone involved.. a big thanks to all!
Check out my new Production page for more details, including a list of people’s contribution to the project, on the page I put together for my Doritos Intense: Snack Guru commercial entry for the Doritos Guru contest!

Click the link just under the picture to watch and vote (via the thumbs up image when you get to the page) for my commercial. You can vote up to once a day and leave as many comments as you wish. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join the group to help spread the word. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I’ve finally put together my first production.. and it was awesome! And I can’t thank my wonderful team enough! Without those of you who helped me by being in it, or lend a hand behind the scenes and on set, this wouldn’t of been possible. This means so much to me, especially being a first. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for longer than I even realized, and it was amazing to be able to actualize my vision.

I always thought it would of started with a short film but it turned out to be a thirty second commercial entry for a contest. But not any contest.. $25,000 grand prize and 1% of future Canadian sales? Talk about motivation! Voting ends March 18th so please do your best to vote daily, comment and spread the word!

Posted on: 11 Mar 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman