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Shooting the corporate video

At the beginning of the week, I spent two days shooting a corporate video. I had the role of the host; the lead character in the video. Due to the fact that this will be an internal video, used within the company that it was produced for, I’m not going to name them unless they say it’s okay. In that case, I’d be happy to share that with you as they are an internationally recognized store, with over a thousand locations worldwide. That, and it’s one that I used to love going to as a kid.

What I can say though, is that it was produced by Chris MacKechnie from Slingshot Inc, directed by Mhel Silva, with Avi Zarum behind the camera.

Before I talk about the video shoot, I have a story about the actual casting process! Well, okay.. it’s not that exciting, but here goes anyway. I initially tried out for a secondary character in the video. Two days later, based on the performance of my first audition, I got called in again to try out for the lead. As you now know, I ended up getting the main role, which as actually planned for someone a bit older than me.

Going back to the actual shoot, this was my first time using a teleprompter and turned out to be a great learning experience! One of the guys on set was hired to help the actors with their French, as this was a bilingual video. Well.. he did much more than that! Not only did he help me minimize an accent when switching back and forth between the two languages, he also acted as an amazing catalyst to get the right performance out of me! We also worked together on proofreading the French version, and making minor changes (although he did most of the work there). Again, this man went above and beyond what he was hired to do and did even more than what I mention here. Thanks Antoinne!

Once again, I had a great time working with everyone involved, including the lovely woman representing the company the video was shot for. It was a blast to shoot, and credit goes everyone involved as well as the fun script and concept. Finally, who can forget Zak, the adorable, well behaved dog who hung out with us on set!

Posted on: 12 Feb 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman