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First and foremost, I’d like to share my newest film! It’s a short, three minute comedic sketch called Pogonophilia (don’t worry I didn’t know what that meant until recently). Check it out below!

I had an idea and a limited amount of time to execute. With no budget, I grabbed my camera, got another actor friend involved and the two of us made the short. We were both cast and crew, recorded each others performances and made the most out of a very small team and limited equipment. Response has been pretty great so far on Facebook!

Otherwise, between now and the last update, lots has happened! Newborn has done very well in the festival circuit, aired on CBC Toronto and will air again on CBC, in all of Canada, on September 8th at 7pm Eastern as part of the 2018 Short Film Face Off! Check it out on TV if you live in Canada, or online for free at


Speaking of shorts, I’ve been cast on a few more since the last update, and recently was involved in a film called Picking Things Up by actor friend Phi Huynh. I actually had fight scene with my friend who started in and produced the film. Was really fun to work together and choreograph the sequence! As for other films, I happened to play cop type roles in a few different ones. Here’s a shot from one of them, called Residue.


I’ve also booked a few commercials and print jobs that you may have seen me in (especially if you’re in Canada), or will soon, a few more Harlequin book covers and was even a guest on a podcast! Had some pretty cool auditions, some I can’t talk about but may lead to something exciting (!) and was even sent to network by the director/producer for a series regular character on a new comedy! I was one of two people selected, but at the end they went with the other actor. Even if I didn’t get it, it was so fun working on the role, had a blast in the audition room and got really close, so I’m happy! Also, my friend Simu Liu, known as Jung from Kim’s Convenience, asked me to play a role in his video pitch for a new series called “Silver” which you can watch below!

Lastly, some changes. I’ve recently acquired a new talent agent: Amanda Rosenthal at Amanda Rosenthal Talent! Her and her hard working team have already begun getting me some auditions that might lead to some pretty cool opportunities! Also, new headshots! Actor, photographer and cinematographer friend John Bregar has captured some pretty new pictures of me. Take a look!


That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the short if you had a chance to watch it and that you can catch Newborn on September 8th!

Posted on: 04 Sep 2018
Posted by: Samy Osman

Well, almost six months already went by so it’s probably a good time for a blog entry! Where to start? Well how about events from two nights ago! The show Nikita has been wrapped, which means they’re completely done shooting the series; this upcoming season will be its last. So they had a lovely wrap party to which I was invited to!

Samy Osman with Maggie Q, Taylor Bateman and Lyndsy Fonseca, Noah Bean, Taylor again and James Azzopardi at the Nikita Season 4 end of show warp party.

It was really nice to see a lot of the cast and crew I met and worked with while on set and had a blast spending some time with the Nikita family. I also feel like I need to mention that Melinda Clark (who plays Amanda on the show) is a dancing machine! She definitely put everyone to shame on the dance floor.

Now moving on to a bit of a summary on some work I’ve done. I had a really great time shooting this TV commercial/PSA (public service announcement) last month. Once it’s released, I will do my best to share the video here. We did it a few different ways (performance wise) so I’m curious to what they will use and how it will end up! Here’s a shot from set featuring Michelle Argyris and I.

Michelle Argyris and Samy Osman playing hosts on set of a commercial/PSA

More on this once it’s released… What I will say is that we’re playing hosts in this fake gossip show and that it was really fun to shoot!

Moving on to a blast form the past… As a kid born and raised in Canada, I remembered seeing these short clips on TV called Heritage Minutes that were shown in lieu of commercials. They were kind of like short Canadian history lessons with some reenactments of events. Well, one day my good friend Sean Kaufmann gets in touch with me about them needing a couple extra people on set to be in the background. I hadn’t done any sort of background work in years, and never since I moved to Toronto five years ago…but given the fact that I didn’t have anything planned the next day and that it was a chance to be a part something I grew up with, I wholeheartedly agreed to do it!

Samy Osman in costume. 1800s in Canada.

This is what I ended up looking like, and will be found somewhere in the background with and without the hat. One of the best parts is that I ended up hanging out with friends, got to know people who I only briefly met before and of course made new acquaintances. Plus we were all dressed like we were back in the 1800s!

Now let’s not forget those lovely Harlequin book covers! I think I was a part of about 10 new cover shoots since March. Actually, I’ve updated my Pictures page to include a whole bunch of them. If you’re curious, check out the Harlequin to see them. And since we’re in the world of photography, I should mentioned I booked a few print ad jobs as well! That and my good friend Jerald Bezener shot me (with a camera of course) and we got some great pictures! Check out some of them below!

Samy Osman by Jerald BezenerSamy Osman by Jerald BezenerSamy Osman by Jerald Bezener

Finally, had some other type of work here and there along with some great auditions. Let’s see what happens in the next little while and hopefully it won’t take my six months to write again…but as always, I try and stay active with my Twitter account.

Posted on: 04 Oct 2013
Posted by: Samy Osman

Getting into acting, there are certain things I expected I’d end up doing. Film/TV work, commercials, etc. However, I never really thought I’d end up on a book cover. Sure, that’s more of a modeling thing, but it came about because of my choice to be an actor. That’s part of the whole fun though…not knowing. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, not knowing the types of opportunities and experiences are waiting for us. Despite my curiosity about so many things in life, I kind of like not knowing what the future holds. It’s such an exciting thing for me…and this industry is full of unknowns.

The reason I brought up the book covers, is that I was involved in yet another Harlequin cover shoot while having found one that has been somewhat recently released.

Samy on the cover of Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow by Tessa Radley

This is Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow by Tessa Radley which was shot back in January of this year…when my hair was nice and short! As for the latest cover that we shot, it was my second time working with Michael Alberstat and it went great!

Another thing I never thought I’d do was “live acting” as I’m calling it…because I’m not sure what the best name for it is. I’m not talking about theater, but to act in a certain situation, where people aren’t in on it. Well, I got hired to crash a very extravagant birthday party. It was all part of the experience the parents wanted their guests to have. As the party was this Las Vegas/”The Hangover” inspired, we played a group of guys who were celebrating a bachelor’s party and decided to do so by crashing a birthday celebration.

I’d say we were very successful in subtly arousing suspicion and also bringing so much energy and entertainment to the guests. It was such a fun job that I would love to do again. They even had Canadian rock/rap band Down with Webster performing, which I snuck in backstage to quickly meet, all being part of my party crashing character. They ended up putting on a great show!

Other memorable moments include carrying the “drunk”, wedding-veil-wearing (which we “borrowed”), groom-to-be on our shoulders and having him toss this bouquet of flowers in the middle of the dance floor, giving my friend a temporary albeit glittery tattoo on his lower back while other guests watched with mixed but mostly amused reactions, sitting at tables with reserved seating and then always “realizing” we were on the wrong table as people showed up, joining and trying to keep up with the moves of the dancers on stage and so much more!

Nothing was scripted, we had very general directions of being a group of guys crashing a party and interacting with other guests but it was up to us to get creative with the situations we faced. Without a doubt, I really lived my character, it was an awesome improvisation exercise and a great time!

Posted on: 12 Oct 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Let’s start with a video! I had posted about this two months ago; my role in a promo video for a new show. Well, the promo has been released, the show has premiered and started it’s first season. I’m not in the show (but you never know, maybe one day), however, you can catch me a few times in the video. Check it out, see how many times you can spot me!

How many times did you see me? Well, you can go straight to the YouTube video page‘s description and actually have clickable time references to every part. The most obvious one is when he starts saying “crime of passion, boyfriend…” at around 0:18 seconds. I think it’s the angriest I’ve ever appeared on TV!

Also, not completely related to acting, but somehow it turned out that way… My friend needed some help setting up and working his booth at the 2nd Toronto Comic Con Wizard World Convention. Never been to anything like it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out, it was a really great time! All sorts of people showed up; fans from different comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. For some, it was like Halloween (being all dressed up). Some were more into it than others, actually looking like they came off the set of a movie.

I ended up meeting a few actors and other people involved in the industry somehow. One I will mention, as I actually have a picture of him with me, is Robert Maillet. He plays Dredger, the really big and tall (close to 7 feet) guy who fights Robert Downey Jr. in the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. Big Robert (I’m sure he won’t mind that) came to our booth and as soon as he mentioned that movie title (by the way, he also played in 300), I remembered him in the film! Then, I had this photo idea, so I shared it with him, and he was all for it! I tried to have him back out, but he kept saying we can take it, so we did it. The result is what you see here.

Robert Maillet, impressed with my size!

Obviously, he did a tiny bit of knee bending to appear shorter that me…which was really awesome of him to do. Really nice guy too, even ended up buying something from us. Then I found out we had a mutual friend in the industry as well. Small world! Okay fine, you wanna see how tall he REALLY is? Well check out this picture, which is a bit closer to reality (although I might have also bent my knees to exaggerate the difference…maybe not as much as he did).

UPDATE: Check out this YouTube video, capturing part of that moment on video (from approximately the 0:50 mark and lasts about 5 seconds)!

Posted on: 20 Mar 2011
Posted by: Samy Osman

Samy as "Mike" on set of FlashpointThings have been going good for me recently…the highlight would have to be being cast in an episode of Flashpoint! That’s right, I played a “bad guy” named Mike, and got to be a part of some fun action sequences! Did I get to shoot a gun? Yep, a real one, but with blank bullets. The one featured in the picture on the left isn’t the one used, that one is fake. You’re gonna have to watch the episode to see the real one!

It was one of the biggest sets I’ve been on so far, in terms of sheer amount of people and organization involved. So much happens behind the scenes of a day (out of usually seven) of shooting an episode for this show. It was great being a part of it (I had three days on set: March 5th, 8th and 9th).

Directing the episode (named “The Other Lane”) was a funny and passionate Erik Canuel. As a part of the arms dealers, I played alongside Ian Tracey, Colin Cunningham, Stefano DiMatteo and Jeff Parazzo. As for interacting with the good guys (the “SRU” team as they’re known in the show), I ended up having a confrontation with Amy Jo Johnson and David Paetkau (not in real life, but in the episode of course)!

Everyone was a pleasure to hang out and work with. We had some long days and nights, but in the end I was doing something that I really enjoyed. Since I had a small part, I mostly had free time on set, so I caught up on some reading, etc. It was kind of like waiting for a awesome roller-coaster ride… In the end, when you get your time in front of the camera, it was all worth it. Actually…okay I had more on set time than it may seem, but the analogy still stands. I had a blast! Speaking of, check out these videos of Colin performing some cool magic tricks with forks!

Although exciting, those awesome three days weren’t all that I’ve done since the last time I wrote an update. I had an amazing time shooting an internet video (coming soon) for Dentyne, had a role in a film like training video, played a part in other corporate videos and events, had a few voice-over jobs, and landed some print work! As I had mentioned before, the last few weeks have been good!

Posted on: 15 Mar 2010
Posted by: Samy Osman

This morning, I went over to the annual Toronto Fashion Incubator Press/Media/Buyers Breakfast, where I worked for Therapeutic By Design with sisters Maggie and Karen. The former is the co-owner of the company and the latter, working for her sister. Both are massage therapists who felt there was a need for high quality linens covering the massage tables.

They were both lovely ladies that were fun hang out with! The event itself was pretty cool, got to I wear a robe and hung around Maggie and Karen’s booth, helping them promote their products. It went by very quickly, I had a great time and even got this little gift bag on the way out! Even the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, not only attended but gave a speech, while the whole thing got media attention. I did see a CP24 camera around, so if you catch their coverage of the event and see a guy in a white robe.. it’s me!

Posted on: 16 Oct 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Yesterday and the day before, I worked two full days as a volunteer reader for a workshop organized by Marc Baur (an actor/coach). If you’re wondering what a reader is.. well, during auditions, you often find yourself doing a scene with one or a few other characters. A reader will read the dialogue of the other character(s) giving the auditioning actor something to work with.

I love doing stuff like this. Even if it doesn’t pay, you get so much in return (not just talking about paid meals.. although that was great too)! Learning from other actors and watching their performances, listening to what the coaches and casting directors have to say and of course having a good time while meeting new people.. can’t go wrong with that!

Marc, along with Janet Laine Green (also actor/coach), would work with the actors in the afternoon, giving them feedback on their scenes and having them do it a second time. Then after dinner, the casting directors watched the the actors and gave even more feedback. The first day featured Tina Gerussi and Millie Tom while during day two, Lisa Parasyn and Marsha Chesley took over the second half. They all had great advice which they passed along to the actors.

I had a great time and it was a good learning experience. As a reader, I also got to do lots of acting and had a bit of practice for cold read type of auditions (because of the sheer number of scebes I was given, I only had the time to quickly look over them beforehand). Now, I need to get ready to be in front of the camera myself.. as of tomorrow I’ll be shooting a promotional video during four days straight. More to come after the shoot!

Posted on: 06 Aug 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just last month I wrote about the upcoming end of my foundation improvisation classes at Bad Dog Theater with Alastair Forbes. Well, last weekend, we put together an end of class show! It wasn’t the first time I’ve been on a stage (although that hasn’t happened too often), but definitely my first improvisation show. However, I was actually more excited than anything. The thing with improvising is that you don’t have to worry about what you’re supposed do.. you’re just gonna make it up on the spot!

Samy and (most of) his classmates thanking their audience at the end of the show

Our whole class did good and got laughs from the crowd. Alastair was proud of us and encouraged us all to participate in more shows and to continue our improv training with intermediate and advanced classes. All in all, my experience at Bad Dog Theater, Alastair, the substitute teachers (for the few classes he couldn’t make) and my fellow classmates has been a great one! I plan to take more classes with Bad Dog in the Fall.

Posted on: 12 Jul 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just a week ago, I hosted the Great Canadian Mash Up which happened at Myth on the Danforth in Toronto. This event was put together by Centennial College students and was in support of a youth program in Toronto called The Remix Project. They help young people who aspire to start careers in the urban arts sector.

Samy hosting the Great Canadian Mash UpIt was a pleasure to host this event, and witness the performances by an amazing musical line up including Liya and Promise, The Styrofoam Ones, Carmela Antonio and a Remix Project graduate; Obie.

It was actually the first time I hosted an event, and had a great time doing it. The students were really happy with me and even gave me a thank you card and a few gifts! On top of that, Carmela gave me a copy of her first LP, which I insisted she sign. Her, along with all the other artists, gave such great performances. Make sure you check out the links provided for each artist, although the music on their website does not do justice to their live acts! Once again, I had a great time hosting this event and am thankful that I was able to be a part of it!

As for the modeling end, I attended a casting at Pi Media. It went really well, and I was told that they’d want to use regarding catalogue work for Sears, one of their biggest clients. Well, the following week, they had booked me for two days in a row, with more work to come! The people there are really friendly, easy going and a pleasure to work with!

Posted on: 22 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just last weekend, I attended The Actors’ Symposium, in Toronto, along with my good friend Moe Abdallah, who drove all the way from Ottawa. This event was put on by Ron Leach, Brian Levy and Crystal Kramer (all of them part of C.D.C.).

First I have to say that you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed this event! It was two full days of knowledge and enjoyment. Despite not having the chance to sleep much (and that being an understatement), I learned so much and had such a great time… It was better than I expected!

We received lectures on the business, workshops on short parts, commercial roles (with Steven Mann) and full scenes. In addition, we had the chance ask questions from two panels with very special guests. The first panel was on Saturday, included many Toronto agents, including Amy Hines and Teri Boyack from Hines Management (who, I’m happy to remind you, I’ve signed with in October to represent me as an actor). The second one, on Sunday, featured many casting directors, producers and directors. They were very insightful with their advice, feedback and answers. It was an amazing opportunity for all us actors there!

There were also many sponsors and vendors. People who offered actor training services, a few photographers, and much more! I also ran into Lori Pearstein, who along with Crystal Kramer, offered a workshop which I had taken around mid October.

Last but not least…well not really last as this is a very brief summary of what happened in these two full 12 plus hour days, we had the chance to network and make friends! With so many people, having different roles in the film and TV industry, all together in one space…we’re bound to make connections! Not only was I able to meet and exchange contact information with a lot of people, but I also made some friends. There were so many great people with a lot of talent, it was an honor to be among everyone!

I want to finish with a big thank you to everyone involved in putting this together, as well as those who attended! Everyone did their own part to make it such a memorable event!

Posted on: 11 Dec 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman