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Yesterday and the day before, I worked two full days as a volunteer reader for a workshop organized by Marc Baur (an actor/coach). If you’re wondering what a reader is.. well, during auditions, you often find yourself doing a scene with one or a few other characters. A reader will read the dialogue of the other character(s) giving the auditioning actor something to work with.

I love doing stuff like this. Even if it doesn’t pay, you get so much in return (not just talking about paid meals.. although that was great too)! Learning from other actors and watching their performances, listening to what the coaches and casting directors have to say and of course having a good time while meeting new people.. can’t go wrong with that!

Marc, along with Janet Laine Green (also actor/coach), would work with the actors in the afternoon, giving them feedback on their scenes and having them do it a second time. Then after dinner, the casting directors watched the the actors and gave even more feedback. The first day featured Tina Gerussi and Millie Tom while during day two, Lisa Parasyn and Marsha Chesley took over the second half. They all had great advice which they passed along to the actors.

I had a great time and it was a good learning experience. As a reader, I also got to do lots of acting and had a bit of practice for cold read type of auditions (because of the sheer number of scebes I was given, I only had the time to quickly look over them beforehand). Now, I need to get ready to be in front of the camera myself.. as of tomorrow I’ll be shooting a promotional video during four days straight. More to come after the shoot!

Posted on: 06 Aug 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Before getting to the subject of this post, I actually just came back from helping some friends move to the city. I’ve talked about this couple before.. Paul and Shalan Crivellari! They intend to continue and expand their photography work here in Toronto. So if you’re in the area and need the services of a great pair of photographers, be sure to get in touch with them:

In the month of May, I had jobs involving FaceSeal Technologies (more specifically their Fitseal product) and George Brown College. Both were lots of fun and I had the chance to meet and work with great people! On top of that, I continue having regular auditions and castings.

Also, I’m finishing up my improvisation foundation classes at Bad Dog Theater. I’ve completed three levels, each having a weekly 3 hour class, lasting 7 to 8 weeks. Right now, I’m about half way through the 4th and final level of the foundation classes. If you’re an actor looking for more training or just want to have fun and meet people, I definitely recommend it! Most of my classes were taught by an awesome teacher, Alastair Forbes.

Finally, I continue to get small jobs, and doing occasional “live” modeling. This usually happens during meetings where certain companies have clients that want to see clothes being worn. Speaking of, I’ll be doing quite a few hours of it this week!

Posted on: 01 Jun 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Just a week ago, I hosted the Great Canadian Mash Up which happened at Myth on the Danforth in Toronto. This event was put together by Centennial College students and was in support of a youth program in Toronto called The Remix Project. They help young people who aspire to start careers in the urban arts sector.

Samy hosting the Great Canadian Mash UpIt was a pleasure to host this event, and witness the performances by an amazing musical line up including Liya and Promise, The Styrofoam Ones, Carmela Antonio and a Remix Project graduate; Obie.

It was actually the first time I hosted an event, and had a great time doing it. The students were really happy with me and even gave me a thank you card and a few gifts! On top of that, Carmela gave me a copy of her first LP, which I insisted she sign. Her, along with all the other artists, gave such great performances. Make sure you check out the links provided for each artist, although the music on their website does not do justice to their live acts! Once again, I had a great time hosting this event and am thankful that I was able to be a part of it!

As for the modeling end, I attended a casting at Pi Media. It went really well, and I was told that they’d want to use regarding catalogue work for Sears, one of their biggest clients. Well, the following week, they had booked me for two days in a row, with more work to come! The people there are really friendly, easy going and a pleasure to work with!

Posted on: 22 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

First off, Yesterday’s post was in fact an April Fools. I’m still holding on to my acting career!

Actually, on Monday, photographer Robert Gagnon shot me for the cover of an upcoming Harlequin book. I forget the name of it, but know it should be released in October 2009. We shot two main looks for the character. First his handyman side (complete with tool belt) then with a more cowboy look to him (no tool belt, but a hat this time). It went great and everyone on set was pleasant. Hope to work with Robert and his team again!

If you were wondering about the Doritos Guru contest, my commercial entry didn’t make the top 5. However, I’m still very happy with how things went and the way the video turned out. I’m very thankful for everyone involved in this experience, and the support I had throughout this contest! Filmmaking is definitely something I want to continue to peruse. As for this video, you can now watch it on YouTube in HD!

Posted on: 02 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

As you’ve noticed from my last post, I’ve decided to explore being behind the camera, instead of just in front of it as an actor. Well, now I have yet another announcement to make concerning my career path. I’ve decided to completely drop acting and future projects as a filmmaker, to become a rapper. I’m currently working on my first single, “Fishin’ fo tha Fools”.

UPDATE: April Fools!

Posted on: 01 Apr 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Snack Guru - by Samy OsmanWatch: YouTube[HD] (30 seconds)

Well maybe not just “directorial”.. I produced, directed, wrote, shot, edited, cast, etc. my very first project this past weekend! Couldn’t of done with without everyone involved.. a big thanks to all!
Check out my new Production page for more details, including a list of people’s contribution to the project, on the page I put together for my Doritos Intense: Snack Guru commercial entry for the Doritos Guru contest!

Click the link just under the picture to watch and vote (via the thumbs up image when you get to the page) for my commercial. You can vote up to once a day and leave as many comments as you wish. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join the group to help spread the word. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I’ve finally put together my first production.. and it was awesome! And I can’t thank my wonderful team enough! Without those of you who helped me by being in it, or lend a hand behind the scenes and on set, this wouldn’t of been possible. This means so much to me, especially being a first. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for longer than I even realized, and it was amazing to be able to actualize my vision.

I always thought it would of started with a short film but it turned out to be a thirty second commercial entry for a contest. But not any contest.. $25,000 grand prize and 1% of future Canadian sales? Talk about motivation! Voting ends March 18th so please do your best to vote daily, comment and spread the word!

Posted on: 11 Mar 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

Before I moved to Toronto, I was represented by my former agency in Ottawa as both an actor and model (as they covered both markets). My focus is in acting, film and TV.. no question about it. However, being open to modeling, I did quite a bit of work (mostly as commercial print ads) and had fun. Not only can it pay well, but often times I meet great people.. some also involved in the film and TV industry.

So I recently decided I would find a modeling agent. This with complete support from my wonderful talent agent, Teri Boyack, fully aware that she would no longer be able to submit me for print castings. She explained that she could only cover a quarter of the modeling work in the city, and that I’d need another agent to cover the rest.

Well I’m happy to announce that from now on, I’ll be represented by B&M Models, here in Toronto. I actually met the owner Melanie Mateus almost two years ago, in Ottawa. She had expressed interest in representing me in Toronto, but I wasn’t ready to spend even more time on the road. I decided since modeling was secondary to me, that I’d wait until I made the move to Toronto. I remembered having a good impression of her.. and still had her business card to this day!

I guess you can say, I’m back in full force. However, as mentioned yesterday, I’m about to test the waters with something other than acting or modeling. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon!

Posted on: 02 Mar 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

What a great way to start a new month! Today I attended a workshop put up by director George D’Amato, and once again, the lovely Crystal Kramer (C.D.C.). Although this time, I didn’t participate.. but video taped everyone’s performances!

So you could say I audited the workshop.. but I still benefited! The upside is, when you don’t have a scene to prepare, it’s easier to be more focused on what’s going on (rather than having the fact that you will be performing soon in the back of your mind). I learned a lot of things and was refreshed on stuff that I’ve been taught before. I always love going to these. No matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn! Besides, considering the amount of information out there, well do we really know that much?

Big thanks to both Crystal and George on giving me the opportunity to play cameraman and teaching me a lot of useful things! Speaking of cameraman.. that will be one of many new hats I’ll be wearing, as I put together my own project. More to come on this one!

Posted on: 01 Mar 2009
Posted by: Samy Osman

I just wanted to wish you all the best during this holiday season.. and may you, your friends and families all have a very happy New Year!

Posted on: 25 Dec 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman

I’m happy to announce that the Live 88.5 TV commercials are now on the air! They’re also available online on YouTube, posted up by Parktown Productions.

Check them out below! You can play them straight from here, via the play icon, or by going to it’s YouTube page by clicking the commercial’s name below the video.

Bathroom – by Parktown Productions

Stereo – by Parktown Productions

Feel free to take a look at their YouTube account parktownpro for more of their work.

Posted on: 25 Nov 2008
Posted by: Samy Osman
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