My focus is working as an actor…and it’s quite the adventure! The experiences I’ve had so far, with the excitement of the unknown and what’s yet to come make it a beautiful thing. Then there’s being behind the camera, creating your own projects. Everything from pre-production and producing, to writing, directing and editing is rewarding in its own way. Also, I’ve been involved in modeling, and despite enjoying that too, it is not part of my long term plans. Stunt work on the other hand, once I started training for it, I knew that it was something I’ve always wanted to do. So fun!

We live in a world of limitless possibilities, with so much to explore. However, Earth is unimaginably smaller than what we think we know about the size of the Universe. Then again, you could spend a lifetime on one subject and still have so much more to learn about it. With that said, I have so many interests outside of film as well.

I love the idea of self-reflection and meditation but at the same time, looking at the world and learning from those observations, not to mention from other people and living beings. I study martial arts, and not just for self-defense and it’s potential usefulness for action based sequences, but for what I’m discovering through it’s study under the guidance of an amazing, wise man. Reading and writing are things I don’t do enough of but find important and strive to do more of. Living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices, for the mind, body and soul, although it can be difficult, is something that I think we should all try and do…and I love helping and inspiring others to do so. Then there’s this musical side of me, which I also want to explore further.

The funny thing is, although pursuing this career makes a lot of sense now, I never seriously considered it before adulthood. I’ve studied in Computer Science and worked as a software developer before I even started thinking about acting. So I definitely have a strong analytical and problem solving side to me as well, which I feel I can still satisfy in other ways through daily life. It’s not easy to leave a “secure and well paying job” in order to pursue the arts…but, although this is said a lot, money really isn’t everything. My life has been really different since leaving my previous career and I’m very thankful for all the diverse experiences I’ve had…and continue to have!

Why acting?

I’m not going to hide it, what got me interested in acting were action films. My dreams to make it in the action movie scene are still alive and well, however I’ve become exceedingly attracted to the art of film. You can tell a story, inspire and entertain by combining so many elements. You have art in the writing, the visuals, the music, the performance and so much more. Many would never call some films art, because of their apparent lack of depth, potential source of big profits, etc. However, we can’t deny that the film medium is an amazing way to share so much, with so many.

It’s also a journey into the human condition. Exploring yourself, other people, putting yourself in different situations. You’re trying to understand others, instead of judging…because everyone has a reason to do what they do. A big part of an actor’s job is to examine all that, to essentially live and experience it through acting. It’s a pretty special thing when you think about.

Bottom line is, you know when you’ve just watched a movie and you were totally inspired? Or maybe something though provoking, something that stirred your emotions, maybe it immersed you completely, opened your eyes or mind in a certain way… Hey, it could be as simple as making you laugh more than you had in a long time. Well, you know what? I want to be a part of what makes that happen. That’s the role I want to play.

Samy Osman is a Toronto based actor with multiple TV appearances, having all sorts of roles on shows like “Nikita” (recurring character named “Sammy”), “Flashpoint”, “Saving Hope”, “Mayday”, “Cold Blood”, “Forensic Factor” and TV commercials in multiple parts of the world. He’s also been a part of countless independent films, with prominent and/or lead roles in features such as “Clean Break”, “Day Four”, “6 for 7”, the award winning “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”, and many parts in short films.

He’s also tried his hand at film-making, his projects having been generally well received, and intends to continue bringing his own ideas to life. Check out his Resume section for a partial list of his work as an actor, and the Production page for personal projects as a filmmaker.