Updated reels, new film “E-Ulogy”

So the pandemic hit. I felt really good about where things were; I was in multiple acting classes, sometimes three at a time, auditions were coming in (I probably had the most number of auditions I ever had in a week). Then suddenly, nothing…for months. However, now, things are slowly starting up again. I’ve been auditioning occasionally (remotely) and may have landed an upcoming gig (that I can’t discuss until…I can)!

Otherwise, I’ve created new reels with clips that weren’t present in previous ones. I may still be updating these but here they are for now! First is my new acting demo reel.

Second, something I never really had, an action, stunt based demo reel. Check it out!

If you’re not yet tired of seeing my face, here’s a film I created during the pandemic, during the Spring of this year. It was shot simply, on my own, at home and it’s called E-Ulogy. You can read more about it here and watch it below. It’s only 3 minutes, focused on performance and is essentially a monologue.

If you just watched the film, you’ll see how relevant it is to the current situation we’re all in. Hopefully we can all grow from it and be better for having gone through this experience. All the best!

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