Year 2012 in Review

Ahhh, another great year went by! I want to say it’s one of my best years for my acting career, but every year has been filled with such great experiences and they’re all part of the path that got me to where I am today. Anyway, let’s get on with it and start going over a few highlights that made 2012 a great one!

I put out my second short film to date called Friendship Upgrade and although it was a lot of work, I was so happy to have done it. I learned so much and had a great time making this idea come to life. With the experience of having put out another film I feel even more confident about my next projects.

Early in the spring, I booked a Canadian national TV commercial that was shot in both official languages (English and French) and is currently still airing! It’s probably the commercial in which I’ve had the biggest exposure to date in my career. As again, not only is it all over Canadian TV stations, it seems to air quite a bit (according to friends) and I also play the leader of a growing crowd of people. Was a blast to shoot!

Plus, I met Kina Grannis in person after my 2nd day on set (completely unrelated to the shoot). You might remember her as the lovely signer/songwriter that was featured on the tablet in Friendship Upgrade but more likely, you’ve seen her videos/heard her music before!

Midway through the year, I auditioned for a role on the TV show Nikita. It was awesome because it’s a show both my mom back home and I watch! We followed it through the first two seasons while the role was for the premiere episode of season three.

Not only was I excited to find out I was offered the part and had an amazing time on set, shooting the episode, meeting the cast and crew, but the role grew into a bigger part and I was brought back for more episodes and given the name “Sammy”. So awesome! My agent and I decided that due to this, it was the right time to join ACTRA, the union for Canadian actors, and did so in October.

I should also mention the love I got from the Nikita online fan base, especially on Twitter! Even before my first episode aired, I had a lot of encouraging and positive messages from them; an unexpected surprise! This role has been the gift that keeps on giving…something that I just said to Tina Gerussi (responsible for the Canadian casting of Nikita) today!

I’ve also had so many great times and memories during auditions, on independent projects, shooting corporate work, working on more advertisement projects and let’s not forget more fun Harlequin book covers (may take a few moments for pictures to appear)! So thankful for the amazing experiences I’ve shared with a lot of great people (both ones that I’ve met and ones that I’ve known from before)!

All in all, a great year and an amazing one ahead of me! Speaking of, catch my third Nikita appearance on Friday, January 18th at 8:00pm EST on the CW (USA) and (if I’m not mistaken) 9:00pm EST on CTV Two (Canada).

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