Nikita, Nikita and more Nikita!

Ah, the life of an actor. You just never know what will come up. Towards the end of July, I had a chance to play a “Divison Tech” in the third season premiere of the TV show Nikita. It was a small role, but a role nonetheless; on a great show that both my parents and I watch and enjoy. Not was I excited to be on Nikita, but was so grateful for the chance to have a part in it. Well, about a month and a half later, I found out they wanted me back for a bigger part in another episode!

The trailer for the character Sammy, played by Samy Osman

That’s right, and they even named the character “Sammy”! Quite possibly one of the best names you could give (a statement that my parents would wholeheartedly agree with). I kinda like that I, “Samy”, get to play “Sammy”. Also, I was really happy to see the familiar faces from filming the first episode and they so warmly welcomed me back. Plus, I had a blast on set again!

Samy Osman and Isaiah Mustafa on set of Nikita Samy Osman, Lyndie Greenwood and Noah Bean reunited on set of Nikita

Not only was I happily reunited with the awesome regular cast members Lyndie Greenwood and Noah Bean, but I also met Isaiah Mustafa before I left set. You may know him best from his great character in the “Old Spice” commercials. Well, turns out he’s a great guy in real life too. He’s so grateful and happy for what’s happened in the past three years of his career; loved hearing his story!

Finally, another Nikita related announcement…which is why I mention the show’s name three times in post’s title. I will be back for yet another episode, making it my third one so far! With that, I’ve decided to set a date to join ACTRA, the union for actors in Canada. Just need to finish off some non-union projects beforehand…then it’ll be time to make the switch. This is like a new chapter in my acting career and I’m glad it’s started with this show! Exciting times!

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