New website design, Chapman’s commercial

I’d finally like to introduce you to my new website design; it’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here! If you’re familiar with the old site, you’ll notice the featured items section on the front page has been changed and now requires you to use the arrows to switch between videos. There’s also an option to subscribe to the site (updating you with new posts) and you can do so via the form located on the right sidebar.

The about section has been revisited and partially rewritten, the resume page now includes an embedded YouTube playlist of some acting work, the pictures section has a whole lot more pictures, the production page contains the projects’ videos embedded onto it, the contact page is much more visual and finally the footer got a complete overhaul. Overall I feel the changes provides a better browsing experience without sacrificing too much simplicity. Hope you like it!

Now for the Chapman’s ice cream commercial in which I play the guy leading the group! Below I’ve included the videos of the French version followed by the English one:

This was shot about a month ago and I had some good times on set! Spent two full, sunny days outdoors over a weekend while meeting and working with a whole lot of great people. Speaking of great people, I also met Kina Grannis in person, the lovely singer/songwriter who’s video I used in Friendship Upgrade, as she was performing in Toronto that evening! Nothing but good things to say about her! Also, you might also notice how red I was from being out in the sun all weekend.

Samy Osman and Kina Grannis during her stop in Toronto

Now, you may be aware that I’m on a mostly vegan diet…but don’t worry, I didn’t have to eat any ice cream. I was upfront about it from the day I went into the audition so they were aware. Even if it would have cost me the job, honesty is the best policy. Besides, not a lot of actors in Toronto are fully bilingual so I knew I had a good chance!

You might argue that I should avoid this type of work altogether, and that’s something I might consider in the future, but I’m at least pretty sure at this point I won’t be doing anything advertising the consumption of meat!

Additionally, since the last update, other than putting in a lot of time into this site, I’ve gotten some corporate and catalogue work here and there, and even a new Harlequin book cover shoot! Speaking of, I now display all the released covers at the bottom of the pictures section! Also added are some stills and on set shots of the commercial!


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