Trying out a new, exciting look!

As an actor, you usually have a look that you sort of stick to. This is defined by things such as your physical characteristics that you might not have a lot of control over, but also things that you can easily switch up. Changing your hair, and for men (well, there are always exceptions), facial hair as well, are an easy way to change your look in a big way.

The reason for sticking to a look is that we get auditions based on this. For example, if they’re looking for a blue eyed, blond guy with long hair, I wouldn’t be sent out. If they’re looking for a bald guy with a goatee, although it wouldn’t be impossible for me to shave my head and grow the goatee, I probably won’t get seen for that role either unless I actually go through with the change, take some pictures and use those as a headshot for awhile. This will mean I have to maintain this new look until I decide to change again, repeating the process of taking new shots and sending those new pictures out for casting.

So for awhile now, I’ve maintained my hair at a certain length (sometimes a bit shorter/longer depending on how long it’s been since I’ve gotten a haircut) and will sometimes grow my beard until I have an audition or jobs that require me to shave (unless they actually want facial hair and I happen to have something going on). But that’s really most of the “play” I can get, other than cutting my hair a bit shorter, or growing it out a bit more before I do cut it short again. The bottom line is that I gotta try and stay close to my main head shot.

Well, I’ve decided to switch it up! I got a new, really different haircut and want to try my luck, see how much work I can get with it. It might not be as versatile as what I’ve been going with for the last while, but hey, they say change is good and with the start of Spring and all, I say let’s try something new! Check it out via this video that was shot right after the cut!

UPDATE: April Fools!

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