New year, new project: Friendship Upgrade

After coming back to Toronto from the holidays spent back home, I got straight to working on getting this short comedic film done. I had already written the script and built my team of cast and crew members towards the end of last year; it was just a matter of setting a date to shoot it and going through final preparations.

Well we did! Just over a week ago…we spent two days to shoot the film and everyday between the end of the shoot and the release of the video, I’ve been working on it (mostly editing and other post production tasks). Working on it all day, day after day…but it’s finally ready! Check out the Friendship Upgrade video page for more information about it including who was involved in making this possible. Hope you enjoy it and a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help me make this happen!

Also, feel free to share it and like/favorite/leave a comment on the YouTube page if you think it’s worthy of any of those! If that’s the case, then why not subscribe to my channel so you’ll know when I upload new videos!

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