Killer role on Cold Blood

I just finished being on set of Cold Blood (a docudrama reenacting real crimes) yesterday! I played the killer of an episode and actually…it was pretty fun having one of the larger roles on a show. Over four days, I got to do so much and meet a lot of great people!

So a lot of dialogue on this show is improvised. We’re mostly given scenarios, sometimes a bit of dialogue (except for one scene where we had almost had a page’s worth), some directions and it’s up to the actors do make something out of it. Actually there was a scene where toward the end, another actor asked me a question that they told him to ask. The thing is, I had no idea this was coming, so I just went with it and replied appropriately. It was fun not knowing that someone was going to say something, instead of pretending not to know. Although I don’t mind either way!

The reason is, this show is a docudrama. Since it’s based on a real events and they often have people talking over the action, sometimes including interviews of people that were involved in those events, it’s more about the visuals of the action than the actual words we’re using. Although, sometimes they have us saying specific things that they might highlight.

Anyway, as I said I got to do a lot of things over the past few days…without going into details, they recorded me doing simple things like taking out trash, riding a bike to less ordinary things like shooting a rifle, getting escorted to a police car and getting in a fight! Plus, one of our locations was a bar with a mechanical bull so at the end of the day I jumped on it! Had nothing to do with the actual shoot, but I did get someone to shoot it with my cell phone! Was a first for me…and another first was the fact that I recorded a few videos of my experience having this role on the show. It’s the one embedded above to check it out and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more! Feel free to like, favorite, rate, share, comment, etc. as I’m going to try to get a bit more exposure through those!

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