Another cover, “live acting” experience

Getting into acting, there are certain things I expected I’d end up doing. Film/TV work, commercials, etc. However, I never really thought I’d end up on a book cover. Sure, that’s more of a modeling thing, but it came about because of my choice to be an actor. That’s part of the whole fun though…not knowing. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, not knowing the types of opportunities and experiences are waiting for us. Despite my curiosity about so many things in life, I kind of like not knowing what the future holds. It’s such an exciting thing for me…and this industry is full of unknowns.

The reason I brought up the book covers, is that I was involved in yet another Harlequin cover shoot while having found one that has been somewhat recently released.

Samy on the cover of Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow by Tessa Radley

This is Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow by Tessa Radley which was shot back in January of this year…when my hair was nice and short! As for the latest cover that we shot, it was my second time working with Michael Alberstat and it went great!

Another thing I never thought I’d do was “live acting” as I’m calling it…because I’m not sure what the best name for it is. I’m not talking about theater, but to act in a certain situation, where people aren’t in on it. Well, I got hired to crash a very extravagant birthday party. It was all part of the experience the parents wanted their guests to have. As the party was this Las Vegas/”The Hangover” inspired, we played a group of guys who were celebrating a bachelor’s party and decided to do so by crashing a birthday celebration.

I’d say we were very successful in subtly arousing suspicion and also bringing so much energy and entertainment to the guests. It was such a fun job that I would love to do again. They even had Canadian rock/rap band Down with Webster performing, which I snuck in backstage to quickly meet, all being part of my party crashing character. They ended up putting on a great show!

Other memorable moments include carrying the “drunk”, wedding-veil-wearing (which we “borrowed”), groom-to-be on our shoulders and having him toss this bouquet of flowers in the middle of the dance floor, giving my friend a temporary albeit glittery tattoo on his lower back while other guests watched with mixed but mostly amused reactions, sitting at tables with reserved seating and then always “realizing” we were on the wrong table as people showed up, joining and trying to keep up with the moves of the dancers on stage and so much more!

Nothing was scripted, we had very general directions of being a group of guys crashing a party and interacting with other guests but it was up to us to get creative with the situations we faced. Without a doubt, I really lived my character, it was an awesome improvisation exercise and a great time!

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