Dad role in Aquafresh commercial

A few days ago I wrote about getting a role in a US/Canada National commercial… Well I ended up playing the father, who’s part of a family of four, in an Aquafresh ad. Actually, I think this is the furthest I’ve pushed my age range, having had teenage kids. This all happened on Friday…and I had a great time on set working the other cast and crew! Plus I got to play some foosball and ping-pong in between scenes! Below is a shot with my “wife” and I.

Tzetzy and Samy on set of the Aquafresh commercial

If I understood correctly, they will first air it in the US. Then, it will most likely make an appearance on Canadian television stations and finally, there’s a chance it goes worldwide! Personally, I’m hoping it makes it across the globe!

Also, they shot a ton of difference scenes. The ones involving me were the morning bathroom with the wife, at the office with a co-worker, at a photo-booth with the family and finally, lying outside on the grass, again with the wife and kids. I don’t know which scenes will make the final cut, and if they will be airing more than one version of their upcoming commercial… However, I was told come around mid September, it should air in the US (at least). I’ll try and get my hands on a copy and/or an online link to share here!


  1. 9:56 pm-August 15, 2011
    Margaret Costa

    Hi Samy, my daughter played the role of your daughter (Mikayla remember her)? for this commercial, I was wondering if you have seen the commercial out anywhere yet?


    • 9:56 pm-August 15, 2011

      Hi Margaret, I never saw it on TV myself, but a friend of mine did catch it once. They used a bit of our “photo booth” scene in it. I also did see it on the Aquafresh website, as a video that plays after the loading animation, but it didn’t always show it and I’m not seeing it anymore. Also, who knows if they have more than one version of the commercial as a lot of what was shot didn’t make the cut of the one I saw. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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