Dad role in Aquafresh commercial

A few days ago I wrote about getting a role in a US/Canada National commercial… Well I ended up playing the father, who’s part of a family of four, in an Aquafresh ad. Actually, I think this is the furthest I’ve pushed my age range, having had teenage kids. This all happened on Friday…and I had a great time on set working the other cast and crew! Plus I got to play some foosball and ping-pong in between scenes! Below is a shot with my “wife” and I.

Tzetzy and Samy on set of the Aquafresh commercial

If I understood correctly, they will first air it in the US. Then, it will most likely make an appearance on Canadian television stations and finally, there’s a chance it goes worldwide! Personally, I’m hoping it makes it across the globe!

Also, they shot a ton of difference scenes. The ones involving me were the morning bathroom with the wife, at the office with a co-worker, at a photo-booth with the family and finally, lying outside on the grass, again with the wife and kids. I don’t know which scenes will make the final cut, and if they will be airing more than one version of their upcoming commercial… However, I was told come around mid September, it should air in the US (at least). I’ll try and get my hands on a copy and/or an online link to share here!


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