Lead role in feature film “Clean Break”

A week after my last update, I had an audition for a feature film called “The Roommate”. There were two scenes to read for, and one was quite intense. I was really looking forward to see how I’d do, never really been requested to do something at that level (at least not that I can remember). As I prepared and rehearsed it, I never went full out, wanting to save it for the actual audition. Well, let’s just say I came out of that audition really satisfied with what I did. I was so happy that it wasn’t about getting the role, but more about having done that audition. To me, I had already gotten something amazing out of it.

Well the next day, I got a call from one of the producers offering the lead male role! After a few calls, discussing all the details, I was officially on board. Right away we started by getting the principle actors, director, writer and producers together to do a read through of the script, making some small changes with everyone’s feedback. It was great having that flexibility in with the writer and director. After this meeting, we did a few rehearsals, meetings to further discuss the character and script, etc. The name was eventually changed to “Clean Break” and finally on the 18th of April, we started our first day of shooting.

Samy and Geordie on set of "Clean Break"

We’ve now completed our first week of filming and I have to say it’s been a great experience. Despite being an independent film set, everyone’s a pro! We got a full crew and they’re awesome, the cast all know what they’re doing; things are going really well. Whenever we run into speed bumps, we work together and smooth things out. We’re shooting a lot of pages per day, which means little room for many takes but also means working efficiently with everyone being on the ball and well prepared. The director is both focused and flexible, not to mention so easy to work and get along with, while the producers are on set everyday in their makeshift office; the team is outstanding.

Did I mention how much fun we’re having? Yes it’s work, yes we’re shooting full time (every weekday until completion, 12+ hour days), yes there isn’t always time for sleep, yes I still work off set to prepare for the next days and yes I love doing this! There’s something special about so many people working together, meeting those people and getting to know them a little better every day. All this to say I look forward to the next week!


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