Endgame promo, Toronto Comic Con

Let’s start with a video! I had posted about this two months ago; my role in a promo video for a new show. Well, the promo has been released, the show has premiered and started it’s first season. I’m not in the show (but you never know, maybe one day), however, you can catch me a few times in the video. Check it out, see how many times you can spot me!

How many times did you see me? Well, you can go straight to the YouTube video page‘s description and actually have clickable time references to every part. The most obvious one is when he starts saying “crime of passion, boyfriend…” at around 0:18 seconds. I think it’s the angriest I’ve ever appeared on TV!

Also, not completely related to acting, but somehow it turned out that way… My friend needed some help setting up and working his booth at the 2nd Toronto Comic Con Wizard World Convention. Never been to anything like it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out, it was a really great time! All sorts of people showed up; fans from different comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. For some, it was like Halloween (being all dressed up). Some were more into it than others, actually looking like they came off the set of a movie.

I ended up meeting a few actors and other people involved in the industry somehow. One I will mention, as I actually have a picture of him with me, is Robert Maillet. He plays Dredger, the really big and tall (close to 7 feet) guy who fights Robert Downey Jr. in the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. Big Robert (I’m sure he won’t mind that) came to our booth and as soon as he mentioned that movie title (by the way, he also played in 300), I remembered him in the film! Then, I had this photo idea, so I shared it with him, and he was all for it! I tried to have him back out, but he kept saying we can take it, so we did it. The result is what you see here.

Robert Maillet, impressed with my size!

Obviously, he did a tiny bit of knee bending to appear shorter that me…which was really awesome of him to do. Really nice guy too, even ended up buying something from us. Then I found out we had a mutual friend in the industry as well. Small world! Okay fine, you wanna see how tall he REALLY is? Well check out this picture, which is a bit closer to reality (although I might have also bent my knees to exaggerate the difference…maybe not as much as he did).

UPDATE: Check out this YouTube video, capturing part of that moment on video (from approximately the 0:50 mark and lasts about 5 seconds)!

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