Operation Thunderball airs on the 30th

UPDATE: Check out the interview/behind the scenes web video with the Executive Producer on Assault and Rescue’s video page, which also includes footage from the show. You’ll see clips of me when they talk about the actors.

Back in May, I was involved in the pilot episode of a new show that was going to be called Assault and Rescue POV (which you can read about here). What I liked about the idea is all the reenactments parts in this docudrama are all from a 1st person perspective. As in, every shot is really from the eyes of one of the characters.Samy as Amnon Pelled in Assault and Rescue Operation ThunderballThe best part of this is during the action sequences, where you’ll see everything including guns being fired from the point of view of these different people, almost a 1st person shooter video game.

Well, I’m not sure if it’ll be a whole series anymore, but they are airing the episode we shot! In it I play Amnon Pelled, and actually take down a few people with an AK-47. Now, will you see it from “my” perspective, or from the point of view of another commando on my team, I don’t know, but I certainly look forward to seeing it! Discovery Channel is airing it on Sunday January 30th, at 8:00pm Eastern. Check out the press release and/or Frantic Film’s Assault and Rescue page for more info! You’ll notice on the 2nd link, they used a picture of me on their page (which I in turn used here)!

Operation Thunderball is also referred to as Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Entebbe. Feel free to read about it on the Wikipedia page!

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