Endgame promo shoot

Last weekend, I had my first acting job of the year, which I had booked from my first audition of the year. Not a bad start I would say! And what was this job? Well a TV commercial/promo for a new show called “Endgame”! I’m not sure when they will be airing the promo,Samy dressed in character (minus the shoes) on set of the Endgame promobut the show itself will air in Spring 2011, and will be featured on Showcase. It’s about a master chess player who uses his skills to solve crimes; all from the inside of his hotel room.

I had to play a few roles in this video, while you’d probably only recognize me in one of them. You’ll clearly see my face in the part where I walk aggressively towards a girl, yelling (although you won’t hear it) dressed in the business suit seen in the picture. In another shot, you’ll see me from the back, dressed all in black, about to steal a painting off the wall. And finally, my feet make an appearance, next to a dead body and a gun. That’s right, now you have the inside info that my feet were in those pair of shoes! But in all seriousness, I had a great time with great people! I love “working”!

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