Lost and Found in Beijing and more

Samy as Soldier Ali on WIT ForceBefore I get to the main subject, there’s a cool acting job I had last Thursday that I wanna share with you! I was involved in a training video for the US Army called “WIT Force”. I worked some with of the same guys who shot the last docudrama I was involved with (Assault and Rescue POV: Operation Thunderball) and it went great. I actually got some awesome feedback from the director about how my part turned out.

This shoot also had some POV shots as the characters interact with whoever’s going through the interactive video. Check out the shot of my character, Soldier Ali! Unfortunately this will most likely not be available to the public; too bad because it was the first time I spoke with a heavy Arabic accent! Didn’t know I could do it until I kept practicing it… If there’s a will, there’s a way, I always like to say!

Early still of Samy in "Lost and Found in Beijing"Now for the juicy part! Director Kevin McMillan paid for my traveling expenses to go back to Ottawa… Why? Well, we shot a few scenes from the pilot episode of his TV show currently titled “Lost and Found in Beijing”. This show features Daniel Lavigne and I playing two male models going to China for a modeling contract. When we get there, there’s no one to pick us up and no place for us to stay. Both the characters are actually written for us and we even share the same first name with them! If this gets picked up, you’re looking at the future star of a new and awesome TV show ;)

This shoot went really well. We had so much fun, the scenes got great humor and it’s pretty exciting that it’s coming closer to being a reality. This show is actually sort of a comedy. Think Entourage, but with two main characters instead of four, and models instead of actors. There’s actually an interview video that you can check out on Kevin’s website here. Daniel and I talk about our involvement in the show (my part starts 55 seconds in). Watching it, I realize I shouldn’t sit like that again during a filmed interview and I should also check my hair in the mirror beforehand!

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