IBAC TV Commercial, Tim Horton’s photos

This week I got to play a broker on a TV commercial for the Insurance Broker Association of Canada (IBAC). It was a really easy shoot, and didn’t take long for them to shoot my scene. Basically I pretended to talk on the phone, checking out some documents. Then we did a variations where I mostly listened to the imaginary client. When the commercial comes out, watch out for me wearing a light blue shirt and sitting at a desk!

Samy during a Tim Horton's ShootNext, I participated in a Tim Horton’s photoshoot. I initially thought it was a print ad, but they said they’re going to be using it internally, so only employees of the company will see it. You never know though, I was involved in a group picture which may well be used publicly in the future! For now, check out the picture of me on the left, in a Tim Horton’s employee uniform. The best part is that we did this in an actual Tim Horton’s, and before I met all the other models, I wasn’t sure who was an employee and who hired to be a part of the shoot!

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