Photoshoot, Harlequin and more

Haven’t written in a while but can you blame me? We’re having such a great summer this year that I kept delaying writing a new entry! Been having auditions here and there, trying to plan a few of my own projects and had a few photoshoots.

Samy, shot by David WildeActually, just last weekend, I had a photoshoot with David Wile. I had done a few creatives and editorials with him in the past, and since I needed some new shots, he was happy to set up a shoot with me. I added a few of those in the picture section and one in this post. It was the 4th time working with him and it went great as usual!

Just over a week ago, I worked with Robert Goshgarian on a 4th Harlequin book cover! This one is going to be called “Caught Off Guard”, written by Kira Sinclair. It will feature me in a tux (with or without jacket) with a young lady on balcony during a snowy night. The shoot went great, everyone was easy to work with and they even asked me to stay for lunch. We had some great Indian food!

What’s coming up? Well I’ve booked a TV Commercial and a Print Ad! Both of these will be shooting next week. What I’ll say for now is that the print job is for a very well known Canadian company! As for the TV ad, you’ll have to wait for next week for that one!

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