Playing Aladdin’s Father

Just a week ago, I was a few hours away from going to the train station when I got a call from my talent agent. I was being offered a role on a movie of the week called The Last Jinn. Luckily I hadn’t packed the night before… I then rescheduled my trip home, accepted the role and went to buy some food since I hadn’t planned on staying in Toronto!

Before the day ended, I got the pages of the script with my scenes and everything I needed to know. So the next day, coincidentally I took public transportation and waited right in front of the train station. It was the pickup point to get driven to set located at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. However, the ride never came so one of the guys waiting with me got his car and drove us there.

Samy and Noah Danby on set of The Last JinnOnce on set and things started moving. My biggest scene consisted of a flashback to the fathers of the main characters, fighting the evil Jinn monsters that surrounded us. So basically I was shot swinging my sword in the air like a madman, pretending to fight something that wasn’t there. Of course, they will be adding the Jinns via CGI… Regardless, it was so much fun! They had really strong (and loud) wind machines going, which helped us feel the intensity of the scene. I also had a few lines in the midst of the battle, using a lamp to do some “wishing”… but you’ll have to see the movie to find out what they were! Also, it was actually one of the producers who ended up directing the scene and I thought he did a great job!

The interesting thing is that back when they casted for this, a fellow Hapkido (martial art) student, Noah Danby, told me about it. He eventually ended up with a role and they shot the movie. But something was missing… So they wrote in a new scene, planned a few re-shoots and scheduled it all in a day. And that’s how I got in! Apparently this will open the film, or at least be towards the beginning. Also, Noah ended up being on set that day. Although we didn’t have a scene together, it was cool to hang out with someone I knew from outside of the film/tv world. All in all, it was an awesome day working with really great people!

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