My role in a new docudrama

Just over a week ago, I was wrapped for my role of Amnon Pelled, a character in the new docudrama TV series “Assault and Rescue: POV” with the episode being called “Operation Thunderball”. Being a docudrama, the story is based on real events: the planing and execution of a hostage rescue operation which you can read more about here.

Samy as Amnon Pelled on Operation Thunderball, the first episode of Assault and Rescue: POVThis was such a blast to shoot (literally, as there were gun shots and explosions)! With this kind of show, you might except some reenactments, interviews from people involved and a narrator talking throughout, right? Absolutely, but the reenactments to all be from the point of view of the characters? So that when you’re watching, you feel part of the action? Even better, is watching the action sequences; imagine a rifle being fired from a first person perspective!

In one of my scenes, I take down two terrorists with quick and accurate shots, then a third shortly after. I was using a real AK-47 (with blank bullets of course) and loved it so much that right after we finished I wished for more action roles involving guns! Not to mention being thankful for being given this role…which I forgot to mention I didn’t even audition for! My agent called to see if I was available to shoot nights on three days, and shortly after, I received call from production confirming my involvement.

This goes to show you, that a previous audition for something completely unrelated can bring about work in the future. The casting director probably remembered me from another casting session and decided I was great for the part…especially in a docudramas where they really like to match the look of the actors to the real people that they’re supposed to be playing.

All in all, a great few nights on set (starting in the late afternoon finishing as the sun was rising) working with a great cast and crew, for a very interesting show with an awesome first episode! Will keep you updated on the future of the pilot episode as I find out about it. I believe it may be picked up by Discovery Channel (and possibly History Television)!


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