“Day Four” – Shooting begins

On January 4th, 2010 we had the first day of shooting for the film “Day Four“. Back in mid October, I briefly mentioned my audition for a feature film produced by Parktown Production. Well, as you may have guessed by how I started this post, I landed a role in the film! I play Brian, the lead’s best friend and one of the lead supporting characters in “Day Four“. Also, writers/directors Kyle Connolly and Nick Lacelle along with Jith Paul (all of which I’ve worked with before) have formed their own company called Danger Cave Media. So officially, this movie’s now considered a joint production between Danger Cave and Parktown.

On the 4th, we weren’t able to get to my scene due to certain complications. Let’s just say the cold, which is somewhat necessary and part of the film, isn’t helping in terms of production. Sure is adding authenticity to the film though! So, I used the time to rehearse with lead actor Andrew MacFarlane. However, the next day we were able to shoot one of the car scenes.

Shooting car scene with Samy and Andrew in "Day Four"
As Trevor gets back in Brian’s car, they share an intense conversation. I’m purposefully keeping things broad, as not to give anything away. What I can tell you is that we ended using my car (shown in the picture above) which ended up working really well. Nick and Kyle were happy with how the scenes were playing out, giving us feedback like “that was SICK” and “you hit it out of the park”. They talked to Andrew and I once we finished shooting the scene, sharing their excitement with how it went.

In truth, we’re all really excited to be a part of this production; both cast and crew. Did I mention it’s shot on a RED camera and that I think the script is awesome? Well, that too!