Happy New Year, Twitter and more

First of all I want to wish you all the best in the New Year! Hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday season! For me, last year ended well and this one is off to a great start! I’m very excited about the upcoming projects I have lined up… one of which is starting as early as next week! Will write more about that one once things get rolling.

Also, I’ve recently made a few changes to my website. Notably, I’ve included my Twitter updates which are now located on the right side of the page, beneath the most recent photos. I will be using it to write short updates more often and will continue to write the longer ones on my website. I plan to do more of a redesign later, but for now you’ll also notice now my Featured Item section now includes a “sliding” page that switch between more than one item. That and a few links on the top right, including one to my Facebook fan page and my YouTube account.

Permanent Smile script, with handwritten notesIn addition, I’ve gotten into something a little different. Lisa Meuser, a friend of mine who also works in this industry, has kept in touch with me and has been sharing some of her scripts as she writes them. Well, one day I ran into her and a group of mutual friends, and started talking about one of her screenplays. I was saying how awesome it was, and even kind of played some of the scenes as the lead. It was getting laughs and I didn’t think anything about it. However, maybe a few months later, I get an email from Lisa asking me to help her pitch her script! I accepted and started helping her get it ready, emailing back and an forth with some suggestions, changes and a few corrections here and there. Well, before the end of the year, we had a sit down and for a few hours, went over it together in person.

It’s almost ready to go, and on my return to Toronto, I will be working towards finding a production company willing to turn it into a feature film… one who will hopefully like the idea of me playing the lead! I can feel it… this year will be a great one!

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