Another music video, this time for Matthew Good

UPDATE: This video has been shelved and unfortunately won’t see the light of day (even I didn’t get to see it). However, if you’re a MG fan, you can see my short film Forsaken which almost serves as a music video for one of his “B-side” songs.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my role in a music video shot by director Ante Kovac and mentioned a couple of artists he’s directed videos for, notably Matthew Good, one of my favorite musicians. Something I didn’t mention was that, on set, DOP Michael LeBlanc told me he was going to shoot Matthew Good‘s next video. I have to admit, this got me a little excited. So I asked him to see if there was a role in it for me and that I’d love to be a part of it, adding that I would even be willing to volunteer my time.

Later in the month, I was on the Internet and found out who was directing the video! It was Scott Cudmore and I was able to confirm this information straight from Matt’s blog entry. So I emailed Scott to increase my chances, expressing my desire to be a part of the video if there was a role I could fill. Well eventually, he emailed me back and said he’d be interested in having me. He actually talked to Michael and saw some early footage of the last music video I was a part of, which was actually a band Scott worked with before! Yes, I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again… small world!

So Monday, I got picked up from just West of Downtown Toronto. The guy driving us was actually in a band himself, Gavin Gardine from The Wooden Sky. A young woman named Lee, playing the lead female role, also came on board with us as we drove past Hamilton, to Ancaster. After about an hour and a half, we arrived at the motel where Michael, Scott and a small crew had begun prepping for the shoot.

Samy on set of Matthew Good's Great Whales of the Sea Music Video

Once we got started, I got the feeling that the video was gonna be intense and turn out great. Overall the shoot went well, highlighted by Michael‘s excitement when getting some great shots. When Lee was wrapped up, Gavin drove her back while I stuck around and got my last shots in. When I was done, I helped out as they shot a few more things that needed to get done before we wrapped. It brought me back to my early days where I used to be involved in shoots with small crews, where actors weren’t just actors, but helped out, doubling as crew members. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do that much, just helped out here and there, when I could.

I’m really happy I was involved in this shoot, as not only did I work with great and talented people, but I was able to fulfill my wish to be involved in a music video for Matthew Good, which was something I wanted to do since I decided to pursue acting!

By the time I got home, it was Tuesday morning and I had to get ready for a commercial shoot. So without really sleeping, I showered, shaved, ate and went over to the studio. Despite the lack of sleep, I did great and had fun, met some cool people and was done in no time!

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