Shot short film “Making Sense out of Non-Sense”

Tonight I just finished shooting my scenes for the short film “Making Sense out of Non-Sense”. It started off with an audition, then a callback. Afterwards, I was offered the role of Luke. Then we had a rehearsal where we mostly prepared for this long, uncut scene in the film.

We used both Saturday and Sunday and started off with a shoot in an apartment. Then today we were at Supermarket, a restaurant/bar in Toronto, hosting live musical acts. Both days went really well, with us finishing way ahead of schedule. Everyone on set was great to work with (I know this happens to me a lot, I guess I’m a lucky guy) and the actors were all naturals. I saw some footage (esp. of that long take which they reviewed on set) and it looked pretty good!

All that’s left from me is voice overs that will happen in a few months from now. Once those are done, the film should be close to being done. I’m pretty excited to seeing the finished product!

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