Lead role in Canadian music video

On Tuesday, I took part in my second music video for another indie band. I’m gonna save all the details about the band and their song for when the video is released (end of the month, so not too long from now). Doesn’t mean I won’t tell you about the shoot and some of the people involved though!

Our director, Ante Kovac, has worked on music videos of other Canadian talent such as Matthew Good (one of my favorite musical artists) and The Tragically Hip. As for the director of photography, he looked familiar to me… and I wondered why… then it finally came to me. Both Michael LeBlanc and I worked on a Much Music commercial before. The same one where I met director Trevor Francis, who was trying to track me down to shoot the Corel video. Then I started recognizing some of the other crew members from that shoot! What can I say… This big city of Toronto is starting to get a little smaller!

So as you can see, once again I had the pleasure to work with people who I met in the past. But as always, I met lots of great new people. From the band, to the woman playing my girlfriend and the rest of the crew, people were for the most part pleasant and professional. Another great day on set!

As for the role I played, well how about I share the story of this short film like video with you. My character comes home and notices a white van. He becomes paranoid and searches the house, along with his girlfriend, for a listening device while the band members are in the van, listening to the couple. Actually, Ante wrote me today and said the footage “looks amazing”… I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it. Of course, I’ll be sharing the video with you when it’s released!

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