Harlequin book cover and film role

Samy on the cover of Mistletoe Hero by Tanya MichaelsJust last Friday, I shot my second Harlequin cover, again with Robert Gagnon. Not only will I be wearing a nice tux, but I wasn’t alone as the shot also featured a young woman… and in the background is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge! This one should be available mid May, 2010. Once again, I had a good time working with Robert, the other model and the rest of the people involved. As for the picture on the right, it’s actually the cover from the last shoot back in April! The book is called “Mistletoe Hero” and is written by Tanya Michaels. Check out the Harlequin website to see a larger size of the cover and get more information on the book.

As for acting, I recently had a second audition (or a callback) for an ambitious short film shooting in Toronto. This is always good news as it means that you’ve made it to a short list of actors being considered for a role. Well, just today I’ve received the even better news that they are offering me the role! They also gave me great feedback on my audition. Looking forward to working on this project… more details to come!


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