Therapeutic By Design at TFI

This morning, I went over to the annual Toronto Fashion Incubator Press/Media/Buyers Breakfast, where I worked for Therapeutic By Design with sisters Maggie and Karen. The former is the co-owner of the company and the latter, working for her sister. Both are massage therapists who felt there was a need for high quality linens covering the massage tables.

They were both lovely ladies that were fun hang out with! The event itself was pretty cool, got to I wear a robe and hung around Maggie and Karen’s booth, helping them promote their products. It went by very quickly, I had a great time and even got this little gift bag on the way out! Even the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, not only attended but gave a speech, while the whole thing got media attention. I did see a CP24 camera around, so if you catch their coverage of the event and see a guy in a white robe.. it’s me!

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