Corel Digital Studio 2010 videos

The Corel Digital Studio campaign has now been launched in North America! Created and produced by Hooplah, short film style clips are used to promote Corel’s new product: Digital Studio 2010. That’s only part of the extent of Hooplah‘s marketing campaign (which you can read more about on their blog entry titled “Corel Digital Studio 2010: Remember When?”, dated September 9th, 2009). I play the lead, Josh in his late teens to late twenties, and I’m featured in all the clips (but you won’t see much of me in the first one). Now to share the videos with you!

To watch these short clips, you can either watch them all as a one clip on the Digital Studio homepage: Simply click the still image with the play button, the “Watch Full Video” link on the left, or “Watch the Film” on the right. You can also watch the clips individually by clicking the corresponding still.

Or…watch it right here on YouTube:

Lastly, you can read my entry about shooting this campaign here. Hope you enjoy these videos!

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