Three end of summer photoshoots

Samy - by Sang NguyenSamy - by Sang NguyenIn the last month or so, I had three separate photoshoots. First, at the beginning of August, I shot with Sang Nguyen for the second time. We got along very well the first time and talked about shooting again in the future. Sang expressed his preference in shooting people with longer hair so we agreed that if I could grow it out for a bit, we’d shoot together again. These two shots are just some of the ones that came from it. Was great to see and hang out with Sang again!

Samy - by Paul CrivellariThen later that month, I yet again shot with my friends from Ottawa, Paul and Shalan Crivellari. The picture on the left came from the shoot, which I will be using as my main headshot! Actually, Paul and Shalan just moved to Toronto and recently launched their new website: I’d like to note that although, as you can see, they still do headshots, they’re getting more into fashion photography. Regardless of what kind of shots you’re looking for, if you’re in Toronto looking to be photographed, check out these newly arrived photographers! Such a great and talented couple!

Lastly, I shot with photographer David Wile. This was my first time working with him, and he had a bridal creative in mind. First he shot the woman playing the bride (named Amara, hope I didn’t misspell her name), then both of us together and finally single shots of me. This went very smoothly and I enjoyed working with David, Amara and the rest of the team! I’ve already looked at the pictures and they will soon be released.

Once again, one of the perks of working of this industry is that you’re constantly meeting new people but also have the chance to work with people you’ve already met and worked with before!

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