Corel video shoot

Just at the end of July, I had an audition for this project. The director Trevor Francis who came and walked me to the audition room was the same one behind the Much Mobile Missions commercial spot I did over two years ago. Right away, I remembered him, how much fun we had and our great rapport. Trevor then told me how he was trying to track me down for this video production and couldn’t get a hold of me (since I changed agents when I moved to Toronto). He was glad that my current agent submitted me for this, and said I was the guy for the part (all this before the actual audition process). Well two days later, I got a call from Teri congratulating me on the role!

This project for Corel turned out to be a promotional video with the style of a short film, created and produced by Hooplah. The concept is that my character Josh, puts together a video using Corel‘s new software with footage spanning over 20 years. I played Josh from his late teens to his late twenties, while Mila (hair/makeup), Kendra (woredrobe) and their assistants worked to make me look the right age. I even went through a haircut during the shoot, and trimmed/shaved my facial hair.

We started off on Friday, shooting at a house in the West end of Toronto and continued in that same location Saturday. On Sunday, we shot a scene at the Greyhound bus station then at a soccer field. Finally, saving the best for last, we had our final day at Kew Beach. Of course, every day was great (not without some slight roadbumps that we encountered, rain being one of those) but what a nice way to finish off this four day shoot.. with beautiful weather at the beach!

I have so many pleasant memories from working on this project.. I could write pages about these four days. The cast and crew where all hard workers and great people. I don’t think I could of asked for better! Trevor’s easy going but professional approach made it easy for us to have fun while putting out good work. I had the chance to see some footage that was recorded and… let me tell you this is going to look great!

This was simply a great experience for me, filled with great moments and laughter. Ask any one of the 40 plus people that worked on this project, they’ll tell you how much fun I was having. I also got to work with a few familiar faces, while meeting lots of cool people. Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and sharing it with you!

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