Marc Baur’s Workshop

Yesterday and the day before, I worked two full days as a volunteer reader for a workshop organized by Marc Baur (an actor/coach). If you’re wondering what a reader is.. well, during auditions, you often find yourself doing a scene with one or a few other characters. A reader will read the dialogue of the other character(s) giving the auditioning actor something to work with.

I love doing stuff like this. Even if it doesn’t pay, you get so much in return (not just talking about paid meals.. although that was great too)! Learning from other actors and watching their performances, listening to what the coaches and casting directors have to say and of course having a good time while meeting new people.. can’t go wrong with that!

Marc, along with Janet Laine Green (also actor/coach), would work with the actors in the afternoon, giving them feedback on their scenes and having them do it a second time. Then after dinner, the casting directors watched the the actors and gave even more feedback. The first day featured Tina Gerussi and Millie Tom while during day two, Lisa Parasyn and Marsha Chesley took over the second half. They all had great advice which they passed along to the actors.

I had a great time and it was a good learning experience. As a reader, I also got to do lots of acting and had a bit of practice for cold read type of auditions (because of the sheer number of scebes I was given, I only had the time to quickly look over them beforehand). Now, I need to get ready to be in front of the camera myself.. as of tomorrow I’ll be shooting a promotional video during four days straight. More to come after the shoot!

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